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Don we now our gay apparel: A guide to this season’s trends

30 Nov

by Jessica Dawkins

Festive and fashionable

With the holiday season now upon us, dinner parties and photo ops are also in full swing. And with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the essentials for documenting such events, partygoers might be interested in what’s trending this season to stay ahead of the internet shame game. (Why is it that pictures I’m tagged in are never as flattering as those I post myself?)

My new fave: Covergirl lipstick in #360 Euphoria. The best berry for my own skin tone.

My new fave: Covergirl lipstick in #360 Euphoria. The best berry for my own skin tone.

Tis the season to be berry

When the weather gets cold, the makeup goes dark, and lips are no exception. This time of year is all about the berry lipstick. As viviannadoesmakeup.com so accurately writes, “The [berry lip is the] perfect colour choice for those who need an easy way in to something more daring on the lips, with its natural raspberry tones that compliment all complexions, whiten teeth and make things look a bit wintery – in a good way.”

For more winter cookbook inspiration (including eye makeup and more), go here and here.

Heedless of the wind and weather

Wyoming residents understand: looking put together is nearly impossible when nature is bent on pulling you apart. So we put our hair in ponytails and cover up from head to toe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good doing it. Refinery29 has some great tutorials on dressing up the everyday pony, and Polyvore has endless inspiration when it comes to clothes for every season. It may not be easy in Wyoming, but it’s possible. After all, sweater weather is better weather!

Walking in a winter wonderland

Perhaps the most important aspect of fashion in Wyoming wintertime: boots. Snow boots, rain boots, cowboy boots, comfy boots, leather boots—boots. They may not always be visible in snapshots, but a good pair of boots is the difference between walking with confidence and slipping on the sidewalk.

The perfect pair of boots is hard to find, and often out of budget, but with holiday sales at their peak, your dreams might be in reach. A few good places to look for boots include Kohl’s, Target, and the Frontier Mall, but my favorite place to spend time (and money) is Hautelook.com. Similar to Zulily, events are only on the website for 3 days, but host astonishing markdowns during the sale period. Styles and products can run out quickly, so sign up for emails to make sure you stay on top of the sales.

Nailed it!

Last but certainly not least, the perfect accessory is at your fingertips. Specifically, your fingernails. Whether it’s a clear coat or a gel mani, putting something on your nails gives your entire look a polished effect. (Yeah, I went there.) Bonus points if you can match your nails to your classy berry lip, or offset a dark pout with taupe. Let your inner diva shine!

Now you know

So now you’re all caught up on what’s hot this year for Christmastime. Let us know in the comments below: what are your favorite trends for sweater weather? Is there something “hot” you think is “not?”

Just remember to be yourself and you couldn’t be any more gorgeous. Happy holidays!

Winter Driving

5 Oct

We all know that here in Wyoming the road get dangerous during the winter months. There are many driving tips that can help a driver get to their destinations safely. The best advice is to reschedule driving plans and stay home during harsh winter storms, but  that is not going to happen with us Wyoming folks. It seems no matter the weather outside, everyone is still out and about.

Make sure vehicle is prepared

Before attempting a snowy drive, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is prepared for whatever could happen. Having good tires on a vehicle is important. The more tread, the better traction a vehicle will get on the ice. With as cold as it gets around here, having a good battery in your vehicle makes it start easier when there is freezing temperatures. It is possible to get stuck, and who knows how long of wait it could be for help. Blankets, gloves, shovel, phone charger, and maybe a snack are good items to place in a vehicle before a long drive .

Find route information

Many websites are available to find information on road conditions, visibility problems, or general weather information. When planning a long drive during bad weather, it is a good idea to find information about how the drive will be so you can be prepared. Wyoming department of transportation has a great website with road travel information. Cameras are even included on this website so drivers can actually see the live conditions. Finding out if a snowplow has plowed the roads is also good information to find out.  Remember to let someone know where you are going and expected time of arrival  just in case something happens.

Driving tips

To drive safely on the snow and ice, it is best to drive slow for the road condition. Turning cruise control off also helps the vehicle be more stabilized if it were to hit a patch of ice. The worst thing to do if  the vehicle starts to lose traction on ice is to slam on the break. If a vehicle starts to spin, let off the gas and if necessary break gently. Slamming on the break will make the vehicle lose total control. Bridges and underpasses on the interstate tend to be more icy than the rest of the road so it is important to be cautious when coming upon them. For more information check out one of the links provided or simply search winter driving tips.