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The Gardens: Can You Dig It?

2 Nov

Last night at the Gardens, those who were lucky enough to attend were spoiled by three contrasting and compelling artists.

The Sun Parade

It wasn’t all that hard to spot the members of The Sun Parade. It’s hard to miss Jefferson’s giant and awesome mustache or the decadent plaid in which Chris meandered around in. The explosive duo brought along Jacob Rosazza to accomany them on guitar. You could see the three of them constantly sharing jokes and trying to cut the nerves of a completely new town. The Sun Parade brought their personalities with them on stage and it had a welcoming quality to it. The trio was able to project a wonderful 3 part harmony while also intriguing the audience with intricate riffs and diverse leads. Its incredibly difficult to play 3 varying guitar parts, but its a completely different sensation to make it sound good. Thats exactly what The Sun Parade was able to do. With Chris Jenning’s voice blistering and melting in your ears while Jefferson and Jacob would bust out a tune worthy of relaxing on the beach; it was just bliss. The Sun Parade have an incredibly energy they bring on stage. Didn’t get a chance to see them? Check out their CD “Yosis” here: http://thesunparade.bandcamp.com/

Sleeping Cranes

A self described “sad bastard”, AJ Ward left his heart out on the stage. His music is so personal but also generates a measure of relatability. Seeing Sleeping Cranes as a one piece project is considerably different as opposed to listening to a Sleeping Cranes album. It was just AJ , a guitar, and a room full of eyes. The sounds of Sleeping Cranes broke the silence and filled the air. AJ said it was his intention for his music to project a certain mood. For 35 minutes Sleeping Cranes conducted an emotional orchestra and we all played our parts. Be sure to look out for more of Sleeping Cranes! Also I had the pleasure of interviewing AJ ward, keep an eye out for that! Need more Sleeping Cranes? http://sleepingcranesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/twelfth-house

Grayson Erhard

To be honest, the most disappointing part of Grayson’s set was their was no CD available for purchase. The music available online used to define Grayson Erhard doesn’t do his live show any sort of justice. Grayson has such a unique style, considering he is a masterful hybrid picker. His voice is powerful, smooth, and full of soul. Grayson isn’t afraid to perform instrumentals. With so much soul mixed with soft folky rhythm, bright melodies, and an inexplicable ability to push the volume to accomplish a composition that some bands couldn’t rival. When you can incorporate rhythym, melody, vocals, and percussion into one its usually due to the efforts of an entire group, not the efforts of one articulate musician. Grayson was dynamic and moving. I was able to find out he is a member of the Fort Collins band Aspen Hourglass. Grayson and Aspen Hourglass deserve some major attention, so check them out! http://soundcloud.com/graysonerhard/aspen-hourglass

Thanks to everyone who came and supported the artitsts! Thanks especially to The Sun Parade, Sleeping Cranes, and Grayson Erhard for putting on such a worthwhile show. Hope to see you next time!