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‘Deck The Hall’ with Free Entertainment

19 Nov

By Kylie Bovenzi

Embracing the Holiday Music Spirit with LCCC’s Holiday Gala

As the school semester draws to a close and the negative degree weather begins to wear at your bones, rejoice my fellow students, in the opportunity to kick back and be immersed in the warm glow of the Holiday season with Laramie County Community College’s annual Holiday Gala on December 6th, 2014.

This holiday extravaganza held at the Cheyenne Civic Center is the perfect opportunity to gather friends, family, coworkers and random people off the street in celebration of the season and the friendship it harbors. LCCC’s entire music department is invested in putting on this FREE event, so there will be a little something for everyone whether it is Jazz Band,  the a Cappella group Cantorei or the Collegiate Chorale.

Once again, I must stress that this event is free. All the payment needed will be the smiles on everyone’s faces as we gather to celebrate the family, food, traditions and music that brings people of all cultures together. Come be a part of the Holiday Spirit with your Laramie County Community College family!

When: December 6th, 2014 @ 7pm

Where: Cheyenne Civic Center, 510 W. 20th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001

Attire: Be festive, be funky, but most important, BE THERE!

Can’t wait a whole two weeks until this shindig??

Check out the talented LCCC Jazz Band in this sophisticated, classy rehearsal jamming out some of their tunes for the Gala. How can you say “No” when they already sound so good?! This Ensemble is led by the wonderful LCCC instructor Jeffrey Bowell.



Costumes to take over student lounge

24 Oct

by Jessica Dawkins

Only seven days left

With Halloween now dwindling one week away, I took some time to let my inner makeup artist shine and try on new looks inspired by those seen on one of my favorite Pinterest boards. I also gathered inspiration from Youtube’s gurus for some very creative costume hacks, a few of which I can’t wait to show off at LCCC’s HalloQueen Costume Contest next week. Don’t go batty this year worrying about a last-minute costume—this post has you covered!


Mime makeup look

With my dark hair and eyes, this mime look was a bit more difficult to pull of.

Cheaper than store-bought, duplicated outfits at the store, homemade costumes give off the best vibes of individuality and creativity. There are so many ways to make your own costume, from makeup to clothes to pure attitude. This Halloween my favorite homemade option is the cosmetics route, because it’s for any range of talent, it’s inexpensive (if you have what you need or know where to get it), and I can transform in ways I haven’t been able to with clothes alone—a fairy, mermaid, mime, superhero, or even a fairy-mermaid-superhero-mime (it could happen).


Feline inspired makeup

Of the many Halloween makeup looks I tried on, Femme Feline was my favorite.

Here are some of the video tutorials and inspiring pictures I most adore:


As with school spirit and the ZombieFest, your costume can be as drastic or demure as you like. I personally discovered that even though I’m comfortable wearing a lot of makeup, the looks that require more facial coverage are more difficult for me to pull off, so I cut back to somewhere in the middle.

Second annual HalloQueen contest

A well designed poster for the HalloQueen costume contest.

A well designed poster for the HalloQueen costume contest.

LCCC’s Student Alliance for Equality (S.A.F.E.) is sponsoring their Second Annual HalloQueen Costume Contest. The contest consists of four categories: Best Gender-Bender Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best ComiCon/Sci-Fi Costume, and Best Horror Costume. HalloQueen will be held in the Student Lounge this Wednesday, Oct. 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Hopefully this post gave you plenty of ideas to use and put together something unique—and have fun doing it!

Know of any other costume or Halloween events taking place in Cheyenne? Got a favorite haunted house? Share it in the comments below!

Fly Like An Eagle: LCCC Spirit

10 Oct
Model poses to show off Golden Eagle spirit inspired makeup.

A student takes a moment from studies to show off this Golden Eagle inspired makeup.

By Jessica Dawkins

Let School Spirits Carry Me

Homecoming is in full swing at Laramie County Community College! You may have noticed the special events being hosted around campus, many held in the student lounge. Students have been encouraged to participate in eating contests, timed competitions, team dodgeball matches and more. But maybe this isn’t enough for you to get into the spirit of being an Eagle. If that’s the case, keep reading for inspiration.

Tutus and Tattoos

Some students prefer to show their spirit in sublte ways, such as clothing or accessories sporting a logo. Others (like myself) may be open to more umistakeable gestures of enthusiasm, like face painting and hair dye. Sure, toole tutus in school colors are eyecatching and easy to DIY, but I prefer the makeup route when it comes to showing support for something I love. Cue the tattoo! The slideshow in this post will provide all the knowledge you need to create your own temporary “ink” for soccer and volleyball games, LCCC’s homecoming dance, and everyday fashion statements.

Why Cosmetics?

Makeup is relatively inexpensive if you know what brands to look for and exactly what products you need. Especially if it’s for a onetime use like a pep rally, you don’t need to buy Sephora brand cosmetics. Makeup is also a household item that can be used on anyone, guys and gals, young and grown, for special events and on different areas of the body as well. For example, my models include both sexes, one sporting a prominent facial “tattoo” and the other a more sublte bicep decoration.

Instead of clothes and accessories that usually come one way for everyone, makeup designs can be as discreet or as drastic as desired for each individual’s taste. The limit truly is your imagination, so the results are completely your own.


Here’s a list of the items that I used for both pieces of artwork and thought you might want to include in your toolkit.

Eyeliner Pencil

Cream Eyeshadow or Eyeliner (both blue and black colors)

Powder Eyeshadow (I used dark brown, gold glitter, and gray)

Small Fluffy Brush (my favorite is the Setting Brush by Real Techniques)

Angled Brush (for cream bases)

You’ll also need a picture for inspiration. I just Googled images of golden eagle wingspans and found several useable photos to rely on for colors and shape. For the bicep tattoo, I found a great image of our lovely logo and went from that.


Primer (before applying makeup)

Foundation (after the primer, but before the makeup. I found this helpful for the eagle mask to stay on better)

Setting Spray (after the makeup is complete. This is helpful for making the excessive product stay on for more than a selfie, but not required for good results)


Here is the link to my how-to slideshow. Directions are in the description box of each photo.


And if you try out my techniques—great! Send us a picture in the comments below, or just share your favorite part of homecoming so far.

P.S. I apologize if you have the Steve Miller Band playing in your head after reading this post. Here’s a link to the lyrics if you want to sing along!

College offers help to students in need

3 Dec

Other programs offered by LCCC:

State of the District 2013

18 Nov

This is the third annual State of the District hosted at Central High School. Laramie County School District 1‘s superintendent Dr. Mark Stock gives a report to parents, students, staff and the public about the performance of the school district; to keep everyone informed and to spark conversation.

Stay informed, stay educated

I am posting this because I believe that Laramie County Community College has a relative high percentage of non traditional students, which in many cases are also parents.
If you are a parent in Cheyenne, your kid/s will be going to one of the schools within LCSD1, therefore I think it is important to be informed and stay informed.

Information overload

The entire video is 57 minutes long because I did minimal editing to preserve what I captured. It includes the presentation at the beginning  to honor the nations veterans, as SOTD was held on Nov. 11, 2013.

Compare numbers with previous years

As mentioned above this is the third annual State of the District, the prior ones can be found be clicking here.

No ideas? ConceptArt.Org can help

23 Nov

Today I couldn’t think of anything. My brain is exhausted. So instead of giving up I went to (click here for link) Conceptart.org and looked for what the (click here for link) Daily Sketch Group was doing. Today’s suggestion was five thumbnail sketches of walking bots. I drew some. Although they are not the greatest. At least I did something!

Keep trying

The Sketch Group often has amazing drawings/paintings that blow my mind. Even though they are not a finished product, most show inspiration and talent. My thumbnails are no where close to the caliber of quality as many on the site. But I do remind myself, many of these people are paid artists and this is also their jobs.

Interview with cheyenne band ‘The Smart Set’ part one

23 Nov

The Smart Set

The Smart Set is currently a Cheyenne based indie rock band that plays fun dancey pop influenced music.
I had the opportunity to interview them via email recently. Today I will Post my questions as answered from the first half of the band. Tomorrow I will Post the second.

A few questions with Cade Weidenhaft from The Smart Set

What are your names and what do you do?
My name is Cade, and I play drums.
How did you guys meet?
We met back in junior high. Dillon was the cool kid. i was a fan boy, i just pestered him enough until he hung out with me.
How did you guys come about forming the band?
We had talked about it for like 2 years but never actually did it. I broke my neck this summer and had nothing to do, and we both had to move back to Cheyenne, so we started working on a few songs.


What style of music do you play?
I’d say we are a garage/pop/indie rock band.
What do you do that makes you …well you?
Being a two person band makes us…us. We’ve had people not know our name, but know us as the two piece from Wyoming. That, and I think this band is the band that we both have wanted to be in for awhile. We both had played with other people, and in my case for certain they were the driving force of the band. In this one, I take a bit more responsibility. I know that being 50 percent of a band is heavy duty, so i think I’ve tried to step up and be more involved with song writing.

Name origin

Where did the name The Smart Set come from?
It actually came from an episode of This American Life. Two sisters had this club called the smart set…we were listening to it and when we heard their club name I think I told Dillon that would be a sweet name. I wrote it down in my phone, and a few month later when we started playing we went with it.
Why are guys only a two-piece band?
I think partly because when we started it was only the two of us, and we just kept playing that way. We have played with people doing cover songs for a few shows, and have talked about how nice it may be to add synth or another guitar or something, but I like playing with just two. Its nice for loading and unloading things. Set up is super easy, and like I said it gives us a little, and emphasis on little, edge.

Working away

I noticed you guys have played Laramie County Community College a bit this semester, how did that come about?
It came about by a really nice guy named Mark at LCCC. He had gotten us shows at the Plains and then told us about a battle of the bands here. He and all the ladies and gents at the student activities council. They have been really really great to us. I think they do a heck of a job trying to have things to do for the students and faculty at LCCC.
Do you have any releases that are are available?
We have an Ep out called Tito Loves It! There are two versions, one with real artwork and production value in the packaging, and the cheap-o version, with just the songs.

Playing Soon

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We play in Ft Collins with The Photo Atlas December 10th. We are always looking for shows around town, so we may be playing here soon. Know of any good house parties? Do you own a venue and need an opening band…we would love to play!
What is in The Smart Set’s future?
The future of The Smart Set is going to be out on the West coast. We are moving to San Francisco in the middle of January, and hopefully we can get do a tour soon. That’s a goal of mine to tour by the summer of next year.