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The Moods that Move Us

29 Nov

Psychedelic music and coffee provide the perfect middle ground for artists such as Lindstrom and Gill to make their music make acoustic waves. Who said psychedelic music had to be put in the proverbial box? Who said you ¬†need wailing electric leads, mashed bass lines, and relentless drumming? All it takes is a mood and dude with a guitar (And an array of effects….but you get my point).

Ross Lindstrom


Soothing. Its almost as if Lindstrom’s guitar and his vocals are telling to different stories; each with the same meaning and equally as beautiful. The dynamic between his vocals and guitar work blend effortlessly. Even Lindstrom’s covers had a touch of his own influences. Ross used classic acoustic techniques combines with a reggae¬†ambiance, and the campfire qualities of Jason Mraz. Simply, Ross is meant to sing you songs.


Clancy Gill (Goofball)

Give his new song a listen!


Introspection. When its just Clancy and the crowd its hard not wander. Clancy’s music is so inviting and haunting at the same time. He’s so creative with his loops that he builds a song from the ground up until its in full bloom, and fully enveloping you. Its unassuming in nature but has a compelling quality that gently takes over. It makes it easy to get lost in a room full of people.


All in all the mood and music was wonderful. Its hard to beat a show with such a personal quality to it. I was unable to get any pictures! Make sure you check out Ross’ facebook as he just announced he is in the process of recording! Be on the look out for new tracks by Goofball!

Until next time.