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Casting Call!

7 Nov
By Taylor W. Snell

Introduction to stardom

Sum up

I love making movies it has been my passion for a long time. I’m going to school for it, I’ve been paid for it, and I just really want to keep doing it. The problem is, I just want to keep making these independent films better and better. This is where you guys come in. I know you have the passion, whether it be for acting, writing, music production, cinematography work, etc. The Point being is you have that passion too, so it only makes sense to work together to become better. This is all about gathering local film makers and creating something great.

Communication and contact


Who doesn’t?

So, get a hold of me, let me know your talents, experiences, what movies you like to make, all that good stuff and more.

I have taken the liberty of creating a email for this “Casting Call” and this will be the best way to reach me at first.

Though Cheyenne will be the “hub” for this idea I welcome everyone from Wyoming to sent an email. I say that because today it’s just an idea, but maybe tomorrow it can be something great!

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay creative.


Cheyenne? More like Die-yenne

18 Sep

Zombie Attack!By Jessica Dawkins

Looking for some amusement this weekend?

Saturday, September 20, is the return of the Cheyenne Zombie Fest for year 4. According to the official Cheyenne, Wyoming website, the event lasts from 9 a.m. to midnight in all parts of downtown. While being mostly free or reliant on donations, Zombie Fest is hosted by the Cheyenne Little Theater to raise money for their yearly plays and various events. That means some activities do cost to enjoy.

What else?

This year’s special guest is Matt Mogk from AMC’s Talking Dead and head of the Zombie Research Society. (I guess you could say he’s the brains of the operation…) Go show him your undying fan affection at the Atlas Theater. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Before and after his presentations, crawl on over to the Zombie Fashion Show, Brain Eating Contest, and professional Gore Makeup as well as Zombie Olympics and Zombieland for the demon kiddos. So bring your mummy, this festival is for all ages, boys and ghouls!

For all the gory details check out the official PDF with times, locations, and pricing.

How can I prepare?

Not an actual walking corpse? YouTube is your best friend for Halloween inspired makeup tutorials. Most of the supplies you need are found around the house or stuffed inside your girlfriend’s cosmetics drawer. Here’s a link to one of my favorite freaky tutorials, with both a normal makeup option and a special effects option. If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own costume, there will be a gore makeup station at the festival to help you get horrific. Now all you really need is a little imagination and the courage to flaunt your rotting flesh. And if you do get zombie-fied, comment below with a pic, we’d love to see the scary!

Just to recap:

  • zombie makeup
  • zombie fashion
  • zombie fanatics
  • zombie food

If you’re still not convinced, check out some of our posts about previous Zombie Fest riot in the Cowboy State. Have fun, zombies, and remember: No guts, no glory!

National Arts Program’s annual exhibit and contest returns

12 Dec

Cheyenne Civic Center celebrates 7th annual exhibit

From now, until Dec. 19th the Cheyenne Civic Center is holding its annual National Arts Program exhibit and contest.  The National Arts Program® is available to City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, State of Wyoming (Laramie County), LCCC, Laramie County School District #1,  Laramie County School District #2, Federal, VA and Warren AFB employees, their families and retirees.

Last Year’s exhibit:

Trails of Wyoming Part 2

3 Dec

The Cheyenne to Black Hills stage line was in operation for eleven  years, from 1876 to 1887. It carried mail and gold out of Deadwood and was often the target of highwaymen and bandits.


According to the map on the BLM website the route went north out of Cheyenne along what is now I-80 then to Fort Laramie, then along US 85 north past Newcastle and around then on to Deadwood.

Famous Passengers

According to UltimateWyoming.com Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane and Bill Hickok all used the road the stage line at one time or another. It is claimed that Calamity Jane drove a stagecoach after the driver was shot, but this is disputed. The stage line was held up multiple times and there were several gunfights and robberies.


According to the Black Hills Visitor website, the stage ended when the he Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad reached into central Wyoming and the Black Hills. It had been in operation for just over 11 years.  There are still a few stage stations and other relics of the past.

Coat of Many Colors Hits Local Stage

25 Sep

Hot on the heels of the latest zombie invasion, the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players are already gearing up for their next major event. The 2013/2014 season kicks off the last week in September with the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Entertainment of Biblical Proportions

This classic musical is based on the Old Testament story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Joseph is an interpreter of dreams, sold into slavery by his brothers after they sense he is their father’s favorite son. He rises through the ranks of the servants for an Egyptian millionaire, and Joseph’s life takes many twists and turns as it sets him on the journey back to his family and to his father.

Dream Team

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was penned by the talented team of Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics). The play is being directed by Travis Kirchhefer.

Buy Tickets

Tickets for the show are on sale now. The cost is $24 for adults, $20 for seniors, $18 for students with a valid student ID, and $14 for children, 12 and under. Show dates are September 27-29 and October 3-6, 11-13, and 18-20 at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse. All tickets for the special performance on Thursday, October 3 are $10. Tickets are available through the CLTP box office, by phone (307-638-6543) or on their ticket website.

Support community theatre

The Cheyenne Little Theatre Players have been around for the better part of a century. With a strong force of local volunteers, they provide Cheyenne with an incredible amount of quality live entertainment. If you would like to show your support for the value they bring to the community, you can volunteer, on- or off-stage, make a donation to the organization, or just buy a ticket, sit back, relax, and let yourself be entertained.

Cheyenne, Put ‘Five Guys’ in Your Mouth

21 Sep

Fiver Guys

Five Guys, One Story

Five Guys Burgers and Fries opened their doors in 1986, in Arlington, VA.  The owner, Jerry Murrel, have the four Murrel the option of either going back to school or starting a business.  Since they opened, Five Guys has spread to over 1000 locations in over 47 states.  And this summer, Five Guys bestowed their gift of manly sized hamburgers and heaps of fries to Cheyenne, WY.

Enough Food for Five?

Feel like you could eat a horse?  Don’t worry, Five Guys has a Bacon Cheeseburger for that.  As you wait in queue, you can start off eating all the roasted peanuts you want.  Those who have a manly appetite can get just one patty on their burger (Little Bacon Cheeseburger).  And those with Epic Meal Time appetites can get two patties (Bacon Cheeseburger).  Each one is smothered in your choice of toppings, draped in silky American Cheese, and loaded with the crispy bacon that would satisfy even the snobbiest of bacon enthusiasts.  Not enough?  Order some fries!  Even the small fry comes with a mountain of extra fries piled ontop.

Want to Join The Crowd?

Come experience Five Guys, located at the Frontier Mall on Dell Range Boulevard, everyday from 11am-10pm.

Hear Christmas Music Traditions from Abroad

1 Dec


King of Glory Lutheran Church is once again putting on their Christmas program with music and carols from northern Europe such as Denmark, Germany, and others.  If you happen to be hungry come enjoy a wonderful meal that will be included. All this entertainment will be FREE. Feel free to invite friends and family for a night out celebrating Christmas traditions.


December 4th & 5th, doors open at 6:30p.m. and program begins at 7p.m. sharp!



Reservations are required, please call 632-1247


King of Glory Lutheran Church

8806 Yellowstone Road

Cheyenne, WY

For a link to King of Gory Lutheran Church Click here!

Additional contact information: kingofglory@millect.com

Interview with the band The Smart Set part two

24 Nov

The Smart Set

Continuing my interview with the second half of Cheyenne based The Smart Set. (Click here to see part One)
These are my questions as responded by the second half. Some answers may be similar as they both answered them individually.
If you would like to listen to The Smart Set please visit their Myspace page here. http://www.myspace.com/thesmartset

A few questions with Dillon Petrillo from The Smart Set

What are your names and what do you do?
My name is Dillon Petrillo – guitar/vocals
How did you guys meet?
We met in junior high and started hanging out in high school when we were both in an improv group at our high school. Near the latter of our high school time, we were both heavily involved in the local music scene. We’ve been close friends ever since.
How did you guys come about forming the band?
This summer both of us were forced to move back to cheyenne and live with our parents. We had been discussing starting a band for a long time, but Cade was living in Laramie and I was in Fort Collins. When we both moved back to Cheyenne, we thought “what the hell. let’s start something up so we both don’t go insane.” and so it became.


What style of music do you play?
I would say that our style is post-punk, pop. We draw a lot of influence from older groups such as the Pixies and the Talking Heads, as well as newer indie acts.
What do you do that makes you …well you?
I think what makes us “us” is a combination of our individual inspirations as well as our joint inspirations. Cade brings a dancy, modern indie, aesthetic to the songs which I think compliments my grungy, formulaic, pop style.

Name origin

Where did the name The Smart Set come from?
The name the smart set came from an episode of This American Life, where a girl was talking about a club she had as child with her stuffed animal collection. The name of the club was “The Smart Set”
Why are guys only a two-piece band?
We are only a two person band because … I think that’s all you need. I don’t know. I really like both ends of the spectrum. I like stripped down, minimalist groups and solo acts, and large orchestral groups. I think it was after we saw Liam Finn perform at Monolith that we decided that we could do it and still sound good.

Working away

I noticed you guys have played Laramie County Community College a bit this semester, how did that come about?
We were invited to play the battle of the bands and I guess the people involved with the student activities committee liked us and asked us to come back.
Do you have any releases that are are available?
We have a five song E.P. called “Tito Loves E.P.” that is available. However, you can currently only get it from us personally.

Playing Soon

Do you have any upcoming shows?
On the 10th of December, we are playing a set with our good friends The Photo Atlas at Surfside 7 in Denver. We don’t have anything lined up before or after that, but hopefully we can get something soon.
What is in The Smart Set’s future?
Come January, we will be relocating to San Francisco, where we hope to expand the Smart Set word and hopefully go on a tour in the spring or summer.

Interview with cheyenne band ‘The Smart Set’ part one

23 Nov

The Smart Set

The Smart Set is currently a Cheyenne based indie rock band that plays fun dancey pop influenced music.
I had the opportunity to interview them via email recently. Today I will Post my questions as answered from the first half of the band. Tomorrow I will Post the second.

A few questions with Cade Weidenhaft from The Smart Set

What are your names and what do you do?
My name is Cade, and I play drums.
How did you guys meet?
We met back in junior high. Dillon was the cool kid. i was a fan boy, i just pestered him enough until he hung out with me.
How did you guys come about forming the band?
We had talked about it for like 2 years but never actually did it. I broke my neck this summer and had nothing to do, and we both had to move back to Cheyenne, so we started working on a few songs.


What style of music do you play?
I’d say we are a garage/pop/indie rock band.
What do you do that makes you …well you?
Being a two person band makes us…us. We’ve had people not know our name, but know us as the two piece from Wyoming. That, and I think this band is the band that we both have wanted to be in for awhile. We both had played with other people, and in my case for certain they were the driving force of the band. In this one, I take a bit more responsibility. I know that being 50 percent of a band is heavy duty, so i think I’ve tried to step up and be more involved with song writing.

Name origin

Where did the name The Smart Set come from?
It actually came from an episode of This American Life. Two sisters had this club called the smart set…we were listening to it and when we heard their club name I think I told Dillon that would be a sweet name. I wrote it down in my phone, and a few month later when we started playing we went with it.
Why are guys only a two-piece band?
I think partly because when we started it was only the two of us, and we just kept playing that way. We have played with people doing cover songs for a few shows, and have talked about how nice it may be to add synth or another guitar or something, but I like playing with just two. Its nice for loading and unloading things. Set up is super easy, and like I said it gives us a little, and emphasis on little, edge.

Working away

I noticed you guys have played Laramie County Community College a bit this semester, how did that come about?
It came about by a really nice guy named Mark at LCCC. He had gotten us shows at the Plains and then told us about a battle of the bands here. He and all the ladies and gents at the student activities council. They have been really really great to us. I think they do a heck of a job trying to have things to do for the students and faculty at LCCC.
Do you have any releases that are are available?
We have an Ep out called Tito Loves It! There are two versions, one with real artwork and production value in the packaging, and the cheap-o version, with just the songs.

Playing Soon

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We play in Ft Collins with The Photo Atlas December 10th. We are always looking for shows around town, so we may be playing here soon. Know of any good house parties? Do you own a venue and need an opening band…we would love to play!
What is in The Smart Set’s future?
The future of The Smart Set is going to be out on the West coast. We are moving to San Francisco in the middle of January, and hopefully we can get do a tour soon. That’s a goal of mine to tour by the summer of next year.