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Seneca’s first cartoon drawing up

8 Oct

First Cartoon about killed me

Some notes about the process.

I did not meet the midnight deadline for I set for myself, but I did get close. The main problem is learning to properly format these web things. being new to HTML I find it to be a real challenge. I am confident I will develop a work flow and continue for my goal.
This morning I scribbled ideas while I was in class.


When I got home at 10 pm this evening I drew a concept in pencil, scanned it, live traced it, brought the EPS into Photoshop, and colored it. It was a bit tedious, but I am happy with my final outcome. Two hours of work total. Feel free to comment about it!
Here is something I wrote earlier today. Although, I was not at a computer I jotted notes for posting.

I found it difficult to make a cartoon.

It’s harder than I imagined on my first day. I have family issue that has most of my my time. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just the production of the idea. My first deadline is only a few hours away…can I pull it off?