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Snowy Range

29 Nov

That time of year

Its the time of year when everyone around here heads up to Snow Range to ski, snowboard, and spend time with the family. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. Regardless of your personal level of proficiency, you’ll find the perfect ski or snowboard run. There are  27 trails for all skiing abilities from beginner to expert: 7 beginner trails, 12 intermediate trails, 8 expert trails.

Great adventure 

At Snowy Range, guest are aloud to rent equipment instead of going through the hassle of transporting their own. There is also places for dining, drinking, and just relaxing while taking a break during the trip on the mountain. Rental packages start at $19 for adults. If you feel uncomfortable going on skiing for the first time, there are lessons you can take to gain experience under your belt.


If you plan on spending a lot of time at Snowy Range, you may want to check out season passes. Day ticket prices can get expensive over time.

Day tickets:

  • * Adults (18-69) $39
  • * Teen (13-17) $34
  • * Children (5-12) $24
  • * Seniors 70+ FREE
  • * Kids under 5 ski free with a paying adult

For more information, check out their website.

Calling all troops

27 Nov

Recruiting Support 

As discussed in prior blogs, when starting a workout you need support weather that be family, friends, or even strangers that feel your pain. When I asked friends about exciting workout programs all recommended P90X, none bothered to let me know how hard exhausting it becomes. Remember P90x is a 90 day program with workouts daily for approximately anywhere from 75 to 95 min each day. So call in the troops to support you through this workout program. Anyone who tells you this program is easy makes sure they come to join you for a couple workouts. Unfortunately the one negative aspect of P90X is that there are no actual classes located here in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the cost of the product to perform it at home is approximately $140, plus additional equipment such as dumbbells, Chin lift bars,  lifting gloves and if you have them form yoga also a yoga mat. Since there are no groups located in Cheyenne, WY I have found several sites that offer the support needed, reviews, chats, basically a community for P90X even on Facebook.

Weigh it out: Pros vs. Cons

Every Workout has advantages as well as disadvantages and P90X is no different.

P90X program Pros:

P90X provides a wide variety of workouts which prevents boredom, boosts metabolism and increases muscular strength and endurance through strategic muscle confusion.

It is a balanced workout program that targets all the major muscle groups and provides overall body conditioning.

P90X workouts can be performed in the privacy and convenience of one’s own home.
The DVDs have a play option to mute the music and/or Tony Horton’s incessant chatter so that users can listen to more preferable music during their workouts.

  • The workout schedule provides two options depending upon the user’s goals. Lean P90X includes more cardio workouts while Classic P90X focuses more on strength training.
  • The warm-up and cool down stretches are fabulous and could be easily added to other workouts for increased flexibility and injury prevention.
  • Detailed analytics and measurement tools are included to help track progress and increase motivation.
  • The program provides unmatched results.

P90X program Cons:

  • As we discussed the program plus extra equipment will cost you approximately close to $200. Take into consideration that this would be a onetime fee unlike those monthly gym membership fees. Although this is a onetime fee you still have to buy groceries. So you’re thinking I do that anyways. Well no the intensity of P90X requires you to eat more because you are burning more calories than normal.
  • Also discussed is the time that you have to a lot for the 90 day period. A minimum of an hour day to sometimes two hours depending on the workout you choose that day. Due to the intensity of the workout there is a risk of injury because you strain your muscles to an extreme. This workout is extreme with plenty of warnings given at the beginning of each video. Tony repeatedly instructs users to “bring it!”  Especially determined individuals with type A personalities are more prone to “bring it” too far to the point of injury.  Increase resistance and reps gradually to reduce the risk of injury, and take care to use proper form.
  • Muscles must be worked to exhaustion to grow, so muscle soreness is a given with this workout program.
  • Every workout seems to have at least a few incidences of profanity.  It is not recommended that users perform this video in earshot of young children who will likely repeat Tony Horton’s profanity. Once you have done the program for a bit though you can mute Tony and work off of what you see. Plus if performing P90X you probably don’t let you kids play too close in distance to you in fear of injury on them accidentally.



Military Style Weight Loss

24 Nov

Get Rid … Don’t Lose 

90 days of intense extreme workouts with the science of muscle confusion will make you drop weight without wanting to find it ever again. When you lose weight, you really haven’t lost it. Losing means looking for something to try to find it again. You want to get rid of it. Many people hit the gym straight for a month or so and then life catches up to them or they just cannot schedule it in, or they give up completely. Well previously discussed workouts like Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba can all be done from the home optionally, P90X on the other hand you will only want to consider only doing it at home. P90X will transform your idea of home fitness once and for all. P90X is based on twelve workouts that are alternated throughout the 90days and sticking to a nutrition plan.

Creating P90X

P90X was created by Tony Horton who spent 20 years creating this program from his expertise in all areas of fitness. Tony Horton is your own personal trainer throughout the whole workout, providing encouragement, humor, and most of all discipline. You know all those Hollywood diets? Well we can work with that. The clientele for P90X includes movie stars, professional athletes, and just regular ordinary people like you and me who want to change their bodies into something extraordinary.

Confusing your Muscles … Eliminating the Plateau

When you hit the gym sure you sweat a little bit here and then take a break then sweat a little more, but P90X pushes you to where you are constantly working out different muscles of your body using the method of confusion. Confusing your body with switching up the routine is what makes this program really work. When you hit the gym constantly you lose weight and then your body starts to plateau after a few weeks, but when you’re confusing your body, you’re mixing up your routine, so you maximize your results.

  • Short training cycles constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity.
  • P90X maximizes fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways every day.
  • No plateau effect means each phase of P90X is as effective as the first.

Read some Reviews:

Barrel Horse Workouts

23 Nov

If you are starting a horse on barrels, or are just looking for some new work outs for your horse I have put together a few that I find are the most essential to finishing a barrel horse.

Reversible Ark”

The first is the “Reversible Ark”. This particular work out is useful when you have a horse that is dropping their shoulder into a barrel, but you don’t have to wait until they get to that point to use this move.  By picking up the inside shoulder and pressure with your foot, your horse will learn to move away from the pressure. Start out by walking and going half way over, and eventually lopping into the pocket and make a full circle. Keep in mind that your horse is going to be confused and may fight their head, so remember keep them under control and to maneuver the moves the right way, as the figure out what you are asking they will calm down.  Having control of your horse’s shoulders and ark will give you the control you need to keep the barrels standing.

“First Barrel Second Barrel”

The second work out is “first barrel third barrel” this is a great way to teach a horse their leads. Starting out walking and trotting and then moving into a lope. By teaching them leads and turning circles off the pattern will help keep your horse calm and from getting overly nervous. The method of picking up your horses shoulders used in the reverse ark will be useful when turning your circles.  This exercise is shown in the video along with the others, but I don’t want to confuse you, it really is simple but sound confusing.

“The Spiral”

This exercise teaches leads, flexing, and body control all in one. By starting your horse out in a large circle, and gradually moving to a smaller circle by using your legs, and picking up the horses shoulder.  When your are turning a circle about the size of an imaginary barrel then work your way out into a large circle. By having this much control will transferee over to your pattern and will be able to control your horses moves as the arena conditions require.

Altitude Sickness

21 Nov

High is not always better

The further you go up from sea level, the lower the air pressure is. With lower air pressure, the body has less oxygen in the lungs causing the body to produce more red blood cells to carry the oxygen  more efficiently. This cell building process can make a person sick. Also, dehydration can happen at higher elevations because water will evaporate faster. Altitude sickness is very dangerous for four reasons:

  • its rapid progression
  • its deadliness
  • the fact sufferers are usually some distance from medical help
  •  physical activity in dangerous environments

How high is high?

About 20% of people will experience altitude sickness if they ascend 8000 feet about sea level and sleep there. Regions above 25,000 feet are known as the death zone. Being at such high  altitudes, some of the major body systems can shut down. If your home is significantly above sea level, (as here in Cheyenne) you gain a definite leg up on ascending to higher elevations, but that doesn’t make you immune to altitude problems; it just pushes the threshold for their onset higher.

Effects of altitude

  • Hyperventilation
  • Altitude Diuresis (Urinating a lot and becoming dehydrated)
  • Periodic Breathing

Ways to prevent

  • Keep hydrated
  • Acclimatize slowly
  • Avoid rapid ascents

Principles Located Nearby

19 Nov

Six Principles of Pilates

There are six principles that are the foundation of the Pilates approach to exercise. Taking into account that Joseph Pilates did not set these principles, yet they were set off his teachings later by his followers is very important because you will find that there are different versions. The six principles of Pilates are taken from Joseph’s original work called “contrology” which he considered to be body/mind/spirit approach to movement founded on the integrative effect of principles such as centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flow.

1)      Centering: Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the powerhouse area between the lower ribs and pubic bone. Energetically, Pilate’s exercises are sourced from center. In order to attain control of your body you must have a starting place: the center. The center is the focal point of the Pilates Method.

2)      Concentration: If one brings full attention to the exercise and does it with full commitment, maximum value will be obtained from each movement. In Pilates the way that exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves

3)      Control: Every Pilates exercise is done with complete muscular control. No body part is left to its own devices.

4)      Precision: In Pilates, awareness is sustained throughout each movement. There is an appropriate placement, alignment relative to other body parts, and trajectory for each part of the body.

5)      Breath: Joseph Pilates emphasized using a very full breath in his exercises. He advocated thinking of the lungs as a bellows — using them strongly to pump the air fully in and out of the body. Most Pilate’s exercises coordinate with the breath, and using the breath properly is an integral part of Pilates exercise.

6)      Flow: Pilates exercise is done in a flowing manner. Fluidity, grace, and ease are goals applied to all exercises. The energy of an exercise connects all body parts and flows through the body in an even way. Pilates equipment, like the reformer, are very good mirrors of one’s flow and concentration as they tend to bang around and suddenly become quite “machine-like” if one loses ones control and flow

Practicing Pilates

Pilates is normally a 30 to 90 min class. Each class contains an exercise technique founded by Joseph H Pilates, designed to build balance and strength utilizing the core muscles in the body. You can practice Pilates here locally in Cheyenne at:

  • Act Two Studios located on Bluegrass Circle
  • Bodylines Dance Theatre on Nationway
  • Sedona Fitness on Stillwater
  • YMCA on Lincolnway

Also you can join the Facebook community for Pilates at:

Importance of being Barrel Racing Fit

17 Nov

Many people think that for barrel racing, the rider doesn’t need to be in shape, when  in actuality being in good shape is a key part of winning. The Sport of barrel racing is all about speed, when things are happening fast the rider must be able to react fast, being in good physical shape will help your reaction time.  For many ladies working out is not part of their routine, so if you are a barrel racer looking to find an edge on the competition here are a few tips to help you get stated.

Consider starting with a personal trainer

A personal trainer can help you get started with a work out, so you can learn what muscles to work, and how to work them properly.   Focusing on core and balance are essential to any riding event, using medicine balls, crunches, sit-ups, pull-ups and weight lifting are few things that target that are. When you see those tasks and don’t know what to do with them, then you know trainer is just what you need.

Make more exercises daily

Although having a horse and riding automatically brings your body some kind of work out, such as carrying heavy bails, saddles, bags of grain, and riding is a work out alone.  The only problem is that those tasks are usually repetitious so your body becomes use to it, in order to stay fit you have to continually push your body.  When working your horses take him out and get him in a long trot, it is a great workout for him, and you plus it will  get you both out of the arena for a while.

Eat healthy

Spending time on the road makes it extremely challenging to eat healthy, especially when you are trying to save time.  By choosing salads over a burger, and picking restaurants such as subway, silver mind, and jimmy jones will help cut the calories.  Another great option is to pack a cooler full of fresh foods, that you can prepare yourself. Any camping store will have  grills that are great for traveling and preparing food from a trailer,   By making fresh food you cut out a lot of preservatives and grease.

Ice Fishing Wyoming

17 Nov

Ice Fishing Wyoming

Fish Still Bite When It’s Cold
Ice fishing in Wyoming is one of those sports that you might not hear much about via mainstream media but has an almost fanatical following that borders on the obsessive. While sitting on the ice and fishing through a hole while being sandblasted by the wind and snow may not sound great, to many it is the only way to fish.

Ice Fishing is Manly
Ice fishing is not for the faint of heart, enduring cold and wind in pursuit of fish takes a special kind of fisherman. Pulling a sled full of gear across the ice, drilling a hole and widening it with a chisel, and keeping the water clear of slush and snow that can accumulate just does not appeal to some people. Yet others drag elaborately constructed houses or shacks out on the ice that have heaters, televisions and all the comforts of home.
Many ice fishermen pursue their sport with just as much enthusiasm as open water fishermen and the intricate lengths they go to reach their goals are pretty impressive. Loading dogsleds with gear, or backpacking your equipment across frozen wastelands of ice takes a dedication that is unmatched by many types of sports.

Fish are Hard to Catch
One of the things that is echoed by many people is that “Fish are hard to catch in the winter”. Well fish are hard to catch due to ice, but they still have to eat and the only way they are going to do that is by actively pursuing prey and feeding. This is the pattern that ice fishermen exploit and count on utilizing to catch the fish.
Primary methods of catching fish are not much different than fishing in the summer. Many fishermen use short poles allowing them to sit close to the hole in the ice to peer underwater. They can also use a contraption that straddles the hole and once a fish is hooked it releases a flag alerting the fisherman.

Dress Warm!
In Wyoming the winter temperature can plummet to record lows and once you add the wind chill in it can become deadly in minutes. Warm clothing is a must and layering is important at these temperatures and shelter is important as well. A simple lean to or windbreak can also help these conditions become more bearable
Another important facet that many fishermen tend to forget is food and drinks. Your body burns a vast amount of energy at these temperatures to keep you warm so snacking constantly on foods that are high in fats and proteins can help. Hot coffee and other drinks are a plus as well.

Safety on the Ice
I am going to be brief on this topic and hit it a bit more in depth on my next post, but safety on the ice is the most important factor of the whole sport. Where the ice may be feet think in one spot, another section of ice not far away may only be inches thick due to currents or water temperatures. Wyoming is one of the most geologically active states in the US and is home to hundreds of hot springs and there are many more that empty into the lakes and rivers that have not been found yet.

IceFishing Pro
Ice Shanty

Strengthening with Foundations

16 Nov

Pilates as discussed in the earlier blog was founded by Joseph Pilates. Due to his sickly childhood, Joseph Pilates became fascinated with ways to physically enhance his body. He used body building and gymnastics mixed with yoga and martial arts training, to strengthen his own body.  It was during World War I that Joseph used his physical movements, with the power of his mind, to control and develop his core muscles, which would later be known as Pilates.

Pilates Clothes

Personally I like to start by getting into the mood of a workout by dressing appropriately. You can do Pilates exercises in any clothing that moves well and isn’t too baggy or revealing. However, if you want to spice it up a bit, there are lots of wonderful choices of workout clothing designed for Pilates and yoga. Check out some of the sites below for workout clothes, just as an FYI though you can find comfortable clothes at your local Wal-Mart, in Cheyenne located on Dell Range Blvd or right next door at Sam’s Club, Target, K-Mart, even Ross or TJ Maxx.

Equip yourself with the right tools

As when starting any workout you must try to make sure you have the proper equipment needed. Basic Pilates just needs a mat and some kind of instructional video. Like with the clothes mats are available at any of the local stores such as Ross, TJ Maxx, Target, and Wal-Mart. You can buy a cheap mat as low as 6.99 and then prices can rise from there. If you are going to your local gym to try out the class first, you do not have to bring your own mat, most gyms provide mats for you. If you have grown to like Pilates and want your personal mat that no one other than you has sweat on, then I would advise to purchase your own. Like anything that you buy you should always do your research. Below I have attached some like that show reviews for Pilate’s mats, tips before you buy and comparing prices on mats.


Pilates Books

Books and new workouts work hand in hand for someone who is really interested in a specific workout. For anyone who is interested in trying Pilates for the first time I might suggest going to a local class before investing money in books. I personally recommend that if you try Pilates and enjoy it to go check out some books at your local book store like Barnes and Nobles or even your local library. Many Pilate’s books allow the individual to take their time in learning and performing each workout properly and at their own pace. Also books provide the background of each move and the history and benefit each exercise principle.


Arometheripy for you Horse

14 Nov

Arometheripy products may be something you have not considered to add to your gear bag before going to compete with your horse whether it is in a rodeo or show, but They are something small that can have major effects that will help you and your horse maintain a calm focus and avoid the anxiety attacks.

The term aromatherapy can be very misleading. There are products in stores that are called aromatherapy products. Mango shampoo, strawberry candles, honeysuckle bubble bath, and others profess to be aromatherapy products just because they have a scent. An aromatherapist would not use these products as they are made with fragrances. Fragrances are synthetic materials made in laboratories. Essential oils used in aromatherapy are not synthetic but come from real plants. Usually they are steam distilled.

How do you tell if oil is real or synthetic?

 If it comes in a clear bottle, inexpensive, powerful scent, and has a fruit name like apple, banana, cherry, coconut, grape, watermelon or some floral name like lilly of the valley, hyacinth, sweet pea, or wisteria, these are give- a- ways that the oil is not real but cooked in the lab. True essential oils are always in a dark bottle with varying degrees of prices. A bottle (10ml) of real steam distilled rose oil is over $100. Then some oils can be inexpensive like peppermint essential oil at $5. Essential oils have a variety of scents. They can be very pleasant to smell as well as medicinal and there are some that do not smell good at all. Usually essential oils are sold with common and scientific names so you can identify the plant source. Then there is the country of origin. Fragrances come from labs not countries. Then there should be information on how they are processed. Usually this will be steam distillation.

Essential oils are very concentrated. It takes pounds of plant material to make a few drops of oil. An animal may have no problem with the plant but have a bad reaction to the oil. Many will tell you that it is natural and could not possibly harm you. You know better. Essential oils can harm you if used incorrectly.

Equine Aromatherapy

Commonly horses are treated for lameness, wounds and abscesses, cardiovascular problems, pulmonary problems (coughs, emphysema, etc.), intestinal parasites, and emotional uneasiness. In all these instances, essential oils will improve resistance to disease by increasing the animal’s vitality and allowing the elimination of accumulated toxins.

Essential oils can be used with horses in the same manner as people use them. They can be taken internally, in massage, and diffused in the air. There is some controversy over the use of essential oils internally. Many essential oils can be safely taken internally. If they are issues of liver disease in a human or a horse, the use of essential oils should be kept at a minimal or eliminated. Before administrating oils internally, it is best to make sure that the oil is safe.

Methods of using Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be used in massage. There are several massage therapists in the area that work with horses and essential oils. They can help the horse to feel better and eliminate stiffness, soreness, and stress from their bodies. One does not need to be a trained massage therapist to give a horse a massage.

Essential oils can be used in diffusers to bathe the horse’s environment in essential oil vapors.
There are many essential oil diffusers on the market. They often need electricity or fire to work. Misters can also be used and they only require a glass bottle and an atomizer. Essential oils are diluted in alcohol and water and then misted in the area or on the horse.





commonly used oils with horses:

Basil, Sweet Eucalyptus Geranium Tea Tree
Chamomile, Roman Eucalyptus, Lemon Juniper  
Cypress Frankincense Lavender  

Using the Oils
Not all oils are the same and not all horses are the same. Picking oils or blends for your horse is up to you and to them. To see how well the horse will handle an oil, take a few drops in your palms. Rub them together and offer the oil to the horse. Let the horse decide if they will accept the oil or not. Never force an oil on your horse just because you are told that this is what your horse needs. Your horse needs to accept the oil. If the horse does not, you must go to another oil.