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Actor/Model Looking for Hire

3 Dec

Levi Darnell showing his more serious side posing on top of a roof, with a chair.

 Everyone has a dream

Levi Darnell, an 18-year-old straight out of high school, has had the same dream since he was a young boy at just the age of seven. Darnell said “The original Jurassic Park is what really sparked my passion for acting, I wanted to be as awesome as Dr. Grant.”. Darnell, all the way through high school was home schooled, he loved this because it gave him a lot more time to do what he really wanted to do — Make and act in movies. However, Darnell’s ambition for modeling came a little, as he told me “I looked in the mirror one day, and said to myself ‘That’s a model’s face!'”.

Interview with the talent

Coming home


Picture from Levi’s most photo-shoot.

Though Levi has gotten a lot of his more in depth experiences with acting from Utah’s famous amusement park, Lagoon, and their special Halloween event ,Frightmares; where he achieved, not one – but two Character of the Year awards. Come January 1st he will be back in Wyoming, and possibly may even be attending classes at our own LCCC.
I can proudly say that I have gotten to work by Levi’s side many a times and can tell you that he has some real talent for what he wants to get into.
In conclusion if you are looking for a model, or even just an extra for a short film, remember that Levi Darnell takes to the scene January 1st.

Get in contact, or just check him out


DIY Thanksgiving Family Portraits

25 Nov

‘Tis the season to show off


My own DIY family portrait

Everyone wants one of those nice framed family portraits hanging above the fireplace; and what better time to get them done then Thanksgiving? For it is a time when all the family gathers. Only problem is, portrait studios are becoming few and far between, and if you do locate one it just might cost you an arm and a leg. I say to this, why not take this cherished memory yourself?

Great gifts can come in frames

This idea may be an odd thought to some folks, but I can assure you that if executed correctly these family portraits can come out great. Also, if you are still trying to come up with a Christmas present for someone dear to you then why not put together a family portrait as a gift for them? In fact, I have done this myself a few times for several folks, my own mother being one of them. When my mother received this portrait she excitedly said qoute 1Wow! This is something that I can cherish forever, and quite possibly can be passed down though the family for centuries!qoute 2
In conclusion, if you got the reactions I got it will be well worth the effort. Now sense this is going to be done on Thanksgiving I am going to show you the best way of getting great/simple family portraits, because the last thing anyone needs around this time of year is another huge project.

Professional not required

Remember simple is the key with these homemade pieces, so this means using what you have around you; so let’s go through what I mean by this shall we?

  • First, A live person — This live person, no matter how uncomfortable with a camera they are, will be able to produce more dynamic shots then a camera just sitting on tripod with a set timer. Make sure that the person takes a lot of pictures, this way you have a wide selection to choose from.
  • Second, Sunlight — It is your new best friend, let this friend help you. Sunlight, at its best times will give you the closest thing to professional lighting. If possible, I would stay away from trying to set up any kind of inside “DIY Portrait studio”. Because without proper diffusers and just lights in general, shadows and blown out spots are going to be a major struggle.
  • Third, Have fun with your shoot. The liveliness of this shoot will be the success of it. That being said don’t be shy, go crazy, make each other laugh and bring props that are fun or you feel could add something to the portrait. The best part is your photographer is a friend, or family member, not some random person you might not feel completely comfortable with.

My Last tip for this project is – plan ahead. The simple fact is we do live in Wyoming, we don’t always have perfect sunshine with 75 degree weather, not to mention that it is winter time. Play it smart, avoid the running noises and heavy winter jackets in you pictures. Check ahead find out what day is going to work best and be the warmest for you and your family.


Casting Call!

7 Nov
By Taylor W. Snell

Introduction to stardom

Sum up

I love making movies it has been my passion for a long time. I’m going to school for it, I’ve been paid for it, and I just really want to keep doing it. The problem is, I just want to keep making these independent films better and better. This is where you guys come in. I know you have the passion, whether it be for acting, writing, music production, cinematography work, etc. The Point being is you have that passion too, so it only makes sense to work together to become better. This is all about gathering local film makers and creating something great.

Communication and contact


Who doesn’t?

So, get a hold of me, let me know your talents, experiences, what movies you like to make, all that good stuff and more.

I have taken the liberty of creating a email for this “Casting Call” and this will be the best way to reach me at first.

Though Cheyenne will be the “hub” for this idea I welcome everyone from Wyoming to sent an email. I say that because today it’s just an idea, but maybe tomorrow it can be something great!

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay creative.


No Matter The Distance

24 Oct
By Taylor W. Snell


Officially engaged.

Can’t run from fate

Near the end of last year if I would have been told  that I was going to be engaged to a girl that lived in North Carolina, 1,700 miles away from me, I would have replied with “yea, right…”.
Destiny/miracles really do have an amazing way of working out sometimes.

Meet me?

Well coincidentally, a website called meetme is how I met my, now fiancée, Sierra. A friend had told me about this website and said it was interesting so I tried it for myself. To my surprise the website did not interest me, in fact it did the opposite and annoyed me. Yet right before I gave up on the website completely I ran into Sierra’s profile. Thus, on that day, December 3rd 2013, I sent her a message — And we have talked everyday since.

Taking flight

After only four short months I’m flying out to North Carolina to meet this girl, face to face finally. This was the best decision I ever made, because not only did the whole trip go great, this is when I found out I couldn’t be without her. I guess all of the tears we shared at the airport told her the same thing, because a few months later she packed her bags and flew out to Wyoming to live with me.

So, It was my turn to make the big move and ask her to marry me.

Here is how I did it.

Dreams really can come truth no matter the struggle.
I believe our story is proof of that, and is why I decided to share it.

Halloween Date Night!

10 Oct
Halloween Date Night Banner

Sierra And Taylor: What our Halloween date night might look like.

By Taylor W. Snell

Cheyenne “Spooktacular”!

On this Hallows Eve what will you be doing with your significant other? No idea? Well here in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming big events occur very rarely. Luckily though,  I live to please so, I will be sharing what I think would be a: fun, frightful, and totally enjoyable way to spend this night together.

Fun (within a 20 mile radius)

  • First, just shooting off the most obvious — Go to a scary movie. This is something that is relatively inexpensive, there is a variety of choices, plus couples love holding each other during those tense moments, admit it. Adding on to this idea, to make it a little more interesting, put all the names of the horror films playing in the theaters, at the time, shake it up, pull one out and that will be the one you go and see. Keeps it fun/playful and if there is a particular film one is hesitant on seeing – It becomes very interesting.
  • Second — Movies don’t put the fright in you? Why not go through Cheyenne’s one and only haunted house, The Nightmare on 17th Street? Once again this is a very affordable option, only costing $10 per-person. This haunted house was also voted #1 in haunted houses within a 100-mile radius of Denver, Colorado for 2 years running. It’s a lot of fun, there are some great scares to be had there, and this is why I believe it would make for a great date.

Let me elaborate…

Now If you are planning on going to the theaters, I have one suggestion… Go see


It only got a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, and not much better by any other film critics, take my word when I say that I recently watched this movie, and well… Lets just say, I didn’t sleep much that night.

Now, some more information on The Nightmare on 17th Street.

  • In addition to the $10 per-person entree fee, they do offer a 10% discount to military.
  • They are located Downtown Cheyenne across from the City Parking Lot
    (312 1/2 W 17th Street Cheyenne, WY 82001).
  • They bring in about an average of 2,500-3,000 attendees a year.

Contact info:

Tel: 307-778-7609

Cell: 307-630-8680

Or, check out their Facebook.

Here’s to hoping your Halloween date night turns out great!



Cowboys don’t longboard!?

25 Sep

Mason -  The Cowboy Longboarder

By Taylor W. Snell

Well in reality…

A lot of people in the “Cowboy State” do… As it appears to me long boarding is becoming more and more popular with this generation and being a long boarder myself I thought it might be interesting to share with one what I’ve learned about being a Wyoming long boarder.

The “bearings” to start

Firstly, one needs a good board before even thinking about hitting the streets. Talk locally, here in Cheyenne, there is really only one great stop for all your long boarding needs and that’s Zumiez. You can buy a pre-built board there but! I would highly recommend putting together your own, this way it not only looks great, but it’s built exactly the way you want it. If you go this route, for all you “newbies”, when I was putting together my first board a friend gave me these guidelines, and I’d like to share them here because I think they are a great starting point.

  • 40-44 inch deck, I definitely recommend Sector 9 decks
  • Bamboo board
  • Standard trucks, unless you’re willing to spend more, then double king-pin trucks
  • You want huge wheels! Standard size is 75mm but, 90mm would be great!
  • Bearings in general are great but, I recommend Bones
  • Shock pads are just nice to have, and pretty cheap

I estimate $150 to $200 for a really nice starting board.

My sweet spot

Awesome you got your board ready! Now all one needs are some locations to get those wheels really spinning! Keep this in mind, any hill is a good hill. At first start slow… Don’t go wreck your board just yet, try just going down your drive way a couple times then gradually start working your way up to bigger things. I would also recommend, at first, just wearing some longer pants to protect you legs. Because your board will throw you off, or run away from you.

Okay, so by this point one may be wondering where is this so called “sweet spot” well my friends let me share with you. It is the spot I most often ride, partially because I do live so close, but also because it is just an awesome riding spot.  The spot is located on the pathway going around the fountain/pond at Cheyenne’s very own The Pointe.
Click here for a glimpse of the “sweet spot”.

That is about all I got for this post so, enough reading — Get riding!

Dates? Film making? WHO IS THIS GUY?

11 Sep

Who is Taylor?

Happy 7th Month(Square)

Taylor and Sierra – Friday-night date

Well, I could just tell you the basics like, I’m a full time student at LCCC or that I work part-time at our local Sam’s Club Photo Center. But I thought I could be a little more interesting on how I approach this. So . . . I’m Tay, at least that is what everyone else calls me, I love anything that invokes the sense of excitement/joy inside myself. This could be something crazy like jumping into a pile of snow in only my underwear, or taking my lovely girlfriend out for a Friday-night date.

What you are all about?

This is a bit trickier for me to answer because I am about a lot of things. I am very family oriented, always wanted a big family like the one I grew up with. I like to express my creativity as much as possible, through all types of platforms. My at-most favorite happening to be film making. I also do a lot of long-boarding – well I mean, in the two days of the year that we don’t have snow here in “Chey-Town“. . . But hey! Then there is snowboarding which I also do now.

I’m bringing the heat!

I will try my best to keep it interesting. This means “interesting to me” — So, I think I’ll focus on the creative side of things: film making, photography, certain types of contests, long-boarding, and maybe just some exciting things happening in my life (which may also tie into some of the other categories mentioned).