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Cheyenne’s ‘The Smart Set’ to play Saturday

11 Dec


Synergy Cafe is having live music

Local band ‘The Smart Set’ to perform Saturday.

  • Dec. 12, 8 p.m.
  • Synergy Cafe, 459 Vandehei Ave., Cheyenne, WY
  • Free

For an interview with ‘The Smart Set’ please see our previous post here. Interview here.

[Editor’s note: This band is from Cheyenne, not the band of the same name from Los Angeles, California. If you came here by mistake, please click the following link to the Californian band’s Myspace page. ]
Click here

College students escape from the cold

9 Dec

End of semester Hawaiian luau

There will be fun around the corner to help celebrate the college semester coming to an end.

  • Dec. 11, 5 p.m.
  • CCI Building, Union Pacific Room at Laramie County Community College.
  • Free entry and free Dinner
  • Door prizes for first 5 people in the door. There will be dancing as well as a local favorite Cheyenne band performing.

Please join the the Luau.

Local band ‘Chase the moment’ speaks for a moment

7 Dec

‘Chase the moment’ will be performing, Dec. 31, at Scooters Scoreboard bar. Their new release “Ocealiner” is available through many internet music outlets such as itunes, Amazon MP3, Lala, Emusic and others.
You can sample their music for free at

  • Chase the moment
  • With special guest — Silverscreen Actress
  • Free
  • Dec. 31, 9 p.m.
  • Scooters Scoreboard Bar
    507 E Lincolnway
    Cheyenne, WY. 82001

Here is an interview with the local Cheyenne band “Chase the moment”.

Suggestions for those losing their creative juices

4 Dec

When a person is struggling to come up with ideas, they often need some sort of formula to get the ball moving.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Often try to apply things learned from one aspect of life, and apply it to another.
    For example, if one finds that they are most productive at work during a certain part of the day while at work. They can focus that energy on the weekends during a similar time.
  • When trying to problem solve, often look to see how others worked their way through a particular “trouble” area.
  • If you find yourself in a comfortable, but stagnant routine, try to do something along the opposite lines. If you always draw landscapes, try drawing a person. If you always draw dark things, try to draw happy things.
  • Find some sort of exercise that helps you with your weaknesses. This is never fun, but improvement is sure to be on the way.
  • Set challenges for yourself and stick to them. It is hard, but can be worth it if you produce some good material out of it.

For art books with exercises look at the following links:

The natural way to draw: Kimon Nicolaides
Keys to drawing with imagination: Bert Dodson

Drawing …Where?

3 Dec

Instead of doing a drawing, today I did a few shading and value excessive. Basically, I made scribbles of black and white on a mid-tone, gray background. I have never used a mid-tone background. I think it is a very good way to explore value and simplifying. It is hard for me to simplify, I tend to add more and more lines and muddy things up. So, for tonight’s exercise I watched a couple of videos on Youtube by this guy I think he does an exceptional job at explaining value. I highly encourage people looking for an inspirational art video or too to watch a few of his. Very recommended.

Tablet review: Genius MousePen 8 x 6

2 Dec


Genius Tablet

I would like to t comment on the Tablet pen system by Genius, an off-brand that tries to capture the Wacom style look and feel of a pen tablet. I have used this tablet for over a year now and I would like to say it has value for its price. The tablet has assignable short-key hot spots as well as a nice area for hand movement. This tablet can provide many artists with an inexpensive alternative to the Wacom world.
I do not believe the actual pen can compare to a Wacom Pen stylus as far as durability and usage are concerned.

Probably for beginners

The pen leaves much to be desired; it feels sort of cheap. The tablet does excel as an introductory unit for those who are not willing to throw money in an area they are not sure they are comfortable with. This tablet is a good “you either like tablets or hate them” kind of device. The tablet itself does work well for the value.

Why you might buy this

I believe it is a great introductory tablet that can be a gateway to more sophisticated product usage. If you are a parent curious about buying your child a drawing tablet for art, or perhaps a newcomer wanting to stick thier toes into the water. This tablet is perfect for you. If you are a seasoned pro at tablet composition, pass it up and go straight to what you already know. This will not replace your broken Intuos. It will however, save money and give a wonderful test run.
This tablet works well on Mac and Windows with Adobe products and Corel products too.
If you are interested please look here for more information.
Here is a link to a user sketching with the tablet.

New concept sketch:Cyborg and Astro girl

30 Nov

This is a new sketch I have did along with the daily sketch group at
The challenge was a Cyborg man being saved by a Astro female from a reptile captor. It was a tough one to get to look good, but i did get a solid idea. Although the actual sketch is sub par, I think the idea is there.
I would love to have time to turn one of these into an actual drawing.

Calling all actors

29 Nov

The Atlas Theater is hosting auditions for an upcoming performance of auditions for It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Drama on Nov. 30 2009 and Dec. 1 2009.

Cheyenne Little Theater’s official website description

It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Drama: This uplifting drama centers on George Bailey, who is on the brink of committing suicide until his guardian angel Clarence appears to help George realize the lives he has touched and the imprint he has left on his community. An uplifting, inspiring holiday classic presented as a live 1940s radio broadcast.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Drama Auditions
  • At the Historic Atlas Theater
  • November 30 and December 1 6:30 p.m.

Click the following for more information.

Internet Tv gives alternative to cable

28 Nov

In Cheyenne Cable prices with Bresnan cost $29.99 a month and Dish Network costs $24.99 a month. That doesn’t include upgrades or contractual obligations.
If a person is looking for a cable alternative there are many options for watching great free television shows online. features full episodes of NBC, FOX, ABC and others. features full episodes of CBS, MTV, BET and others.

For shows on the CW try

For movies and cable television shows, a member of Netflix can stream a wide selection of material. Netflix monthly membership begins at $9.99 a month. Visit for more information.

Firefox turns five: Art/design students may celebrate

27 Nov

Mozilla, the company that makes web browser Firefox, is hosting a contest for a poster design. This would be a great entry in a design portfolio. All are welcome to join please visit their site to see logo guidelines by clicking here. Mozilla.

Good luck

  • Mozilla Firefox poster competition
  • Should be creative, original possibly abstract
  • deadline is 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time, December 9, 2009