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4 Dec

Where to go



Christmas 2013 Skating with Santa at the Ice & Event Center

Christmas 2013 Skating with Santa at the Ice & Event Center

The Laramie Ice & Event Center, located at 3510 Garfield Street in Laramie, offers worlds of fun this winter. Winter season for 2014-2015 runs from October 1, 2014 to March 15, 2015. What a great way to enjoy winter recreation with the whole family.  Don’t know how to skate? There are ice skating lessons available. Ice Skating is fun exercise for everyone. For more information on ice skating lessons, please click here.

 Fun stuff to do


During ice season, the Ice & Event Center offers convenient community public skating times. They also offer great deals on rentals of the ice, on an hourly basis, for leagues, tournaments, clinics, birthdays, school skates and parties. They offer a variety of ice activities also, like:

  • Public skating
  • Broomball
  • Curling
  • Hockey
  • Ice skating lessons
  • Short track speed skating

For more information on these activities, click here.


When to go                                                                                     


Public skating is open:                                                                                                

  • 12/02/14 from 1:30-3:30                                                                     “Did you know, the ice resurfacing                                                                                                                           machine is named after it’s inventor, 
  • 12/03/14 from 2:45-4:45                                                                         Frank Zamboni?”
  • 12/04/14 from 2:30-3:30 and is ½ price



For hours of operation for all activities, please click here.


Admission prices are:


  • Public skate admission – $4 for residents / $5 for non-residents; 3-5 years old – $2 for residents / & $2.50 for non-residents
  • Skate rentals – $2.25 per pair, with tax


 For more information


  • Fee & Membership, please click here
  • Facility Rentals, please click here


Upcoming events


On Friday, December 19th from 5:30-6:30 pm, Santa will take time out of his busy schedule to visit all the good little boys and girls. Santa will be available for photos with you during this time. Regular public skate fees apply.


A personal touch

Laramie resident, Taylor Cheatham, is an avid skater. “I grew up in Laramie from a small child to about age 13. I made tons of really awesome memories with my sister and brother at Undine Park ice skating.  I really love ice skating at the Ice & Event Center with my 3 children, ages 4-12. I find the exercise invigorating and it takes a lot of the “extra energy” out of my 4 year old, Braden. We always buy a Public Skate Pass every year for $60.00. It includes 20 trips for skating. I especially love that the center incorporates roller skating when the ice season is over. What a great addition the Ice & Event Center has been for myself and my family.”

Please watch this short video on the Laramie Community Ice & Event Center on Youtube

Kathy Ogburn, author

Kathy Ogburn, author







Winter Recreation In Laramie, WY

21 Nov

Winter Fun


Are you ready for some winter fun now that the snow has finally arrived? Laramie has just want you’re looking for in the way of winter recreation; ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding.  Laramie is a unique place with a variety of people, so there’s something for everyone. The access to outdoor activities is unparalleled for a college town located in the Rockies.


I would like to fully concentrate on what the skiing/snowboarding is like around Laramie and concentrate on the Ice & Event Center for my next blog. So let’s head to the Snowy Range Ski Area and my talk with a local ski buff, H.C. Pande.


Where to go

Snowy Range Ski Area

Snowy Range Ski Area 

Snowy Range is nestled in the stunningly beautiful Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. The Snowy Range Ski Lodge is 30 miles west of Laramie on Wyoming Highway 130 (SR130).  It has approximately 30 groomed trails to choose from with 3 standard levels of difficulty, green (easy), blue (intermediate), black (expert).  Currently, a person can get a weekday or a weekend lift ticket for $45.00, that is, a person could buy one AFTER the season opens, tentatively scheduled for November 29, 2014

Needing some firsthand experience about skiing, I asked H.C. Pande, a longtime resident of Laramie, WY and an avid skier, how the Snowy Range Ski Area compared to other mountains he’s tried. Mr. Pande has experience skiing the east coast, Colorado and the slopes in Norway.


“I think the Snowy Range Ski Area has great value. It’s priced right, the terrain is great and if you want to go for a day of relaxed skiing, Snowy Range offers shorter lift lines, shorter lift times, and is less crowded giving you more time on the slopes. A full day lift ticket at Vail, CO is a lot more expensive than a full day lift ticket at Snowy Range, plus the distance to travel to Snowy Range is much closer.”


What else is there


“Snowy Range Ski Area offers ski & snowboard rentals, boots, and poles.  They also offer ski lessons for different age groups. The Snowy Range Ski Area offers many of the same services and amenities as the larger Colorado ski resorts. They have a bar and snack bar to purchase food, snacks and drinks to warm up with.” For more information on the Snowy Range Ski Area, please click here.


Now you know where to go


If you’re looking for a nice place to ski, with decent trails and not a lot of crowds, you might want to check out the Snowy Range Ski Area.  It’s a nice, scenic drive, only 30 miles out, and not much waiting in lines. All those out-of-state license plates in the parking lot at Snowy Range attest to its allure.


Kathy Ogburn, author

Kathy Ogburn, author


Laramie Ice & Event Center

7 Nov

Who knows how to ice skate?

 When I lived in warmer climates (Phoenix, AZ, St. George, UT) I found people from warmer climates usually will not know how to ice skate. However, people from Laramie, Wyoming do!!! And, since 2001, there is an Ice & Event Center in Laramie just right for ice skating.

 Remembering years gone by          .Undine Park                                             LaBonte Park

I remember ice skating at the rink in Undine Park and on LaBonte Lake  (at LaBonte Park) as a child when I attended Nellie Isles School on Russell and 5th St here in Laramie. I had a pair of blue ice skates withgray fur around the top. I would make little fuzzy pom-poms to slip through the laces of the skates. Neither park has ice skating rinks anymore.


Laramie Ice & Event Center, when was it built?

Laramie now has an Ice & Event Center for skating. The Ice & Events Center was built in Laramie, WY, in 2000-01 by private investors. In 2003, using specific purpose tax monies, the city of Laramie purchased the Ice and Event Center.

What they’re adding to it.

In June 2014, Laramie started a more than $2 million dollar expansion at the Ice & Event Center and the Laramie Recreation Center. The recreation center added a sauna and steam rooms; a bigger circuit weight room on the ground floor with a larger group exercise and fitness room on the 2nd floor; a ;possible 12-14 foot indoor climbing wall and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility.

Schedule of hours and such.

October 1, 2014 to March 15, 2015 is the ice season this year. CLICK HERE  for a schedule of hours for the Ice and Event Center. Ice skating is fun enjoyment and exercise for the entire family!! I hope everyone gets a chance to go to the Ice & Event Center this season.


Kathy Ogburn, author

Kathy Ogburn, author

New High School in Laramie

24 Oct

All about the new High School’


Laramie is building a brand new high school and its being constructed on one of Laramie’s Business Park’s land, the Turner Tract, located on Boulder and Beech Drs.  Construction started this summer (2014) and is expected to be completed by June 2016.  It will cost approximately $85.8 million to erect this building with all its “state-of-the-art” classrooms and technology. The current high school was built in 1968, making it 46 years old. The building is too old to renovate.  Click here for more information.


Current Laramie High School located on 15th St and Reynolds

Current Laramie High School located on 15th St and Reynolds

‘Currently, where do things stand’


On October 14, 2014, the second work package opened for bids. This started a course of action that could tell us what kind of labs, shops, and classrooms the school will have. “The Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education scheduled a special meeting for 6 p.m. Oct. 29, 2014, to hear the bids and recommendations at School District central offices, 1948 Grand Ave.” Click here for more information.


Please click here for slideshow of new high school.


‘What do the residents say’


Jason Porter, a Laramie citizen, was all for a new high school. “Laramie education needs the “boost” the new technology the high school will provide, for the new generation coming of age.”  Another Laramie resident, Carolyn Murphy, was not so inclined. “It’s not that I don’t want a new high school in Laramie, (I have 2 pre-teen children), it’s all the enhancements (the swimming pool, the football field). We had a Recreation Center built about 10 years ago that has 2 swimming pools, plus the current high school has a pool, not to mention the 2 pools at the University of Wyoming. I just don’t agree we need another pool. I would rather see high tech labs and computers.”




Whether the school costs millions or even billions of dollars to build, we have to ask ourselves, how will our future generation benefit? Should the benefit of the new school be placed on sports or academia? Regardless of the answer, Laramie is getting a new high school. It will take time to discover whether the benefit outweighed the cost.



Kathy Ogburn, author

Kathy Ogburn, author









Business/Technology Parks in Laramie, WY

10 Oct


‘How many Business Parks are there ‘

There are four business parks in Laramie, WY, the most recent being the new Cirrus Sky Technology Park. Does Laramie have a need a for a new technology center, since we have the University of Wyoming, or because of it?  What about the success of the previously built parks?  Some say yes, some say no.

 ‘Some Business Park History’ 

We have a business park, built on Adams St. and Industry Dr.,  ‘Laramie River Business Park I‘, another business park was erected on Adams St. and Venture Dr., ‘Laramie River Business Park II‘. ‘Westfield Business Park, located at 1771 Centennial Dr. in Laramie, is currently for sale. Southgait is still raw land south of Laramie, while the newest park, Cirrus Sky Technology Park is currently under construction.

Click here for detailed information on Laramie’s business parks.

 ‘With no signs, how do we know when we get there?’

The one thing that was noticeable was a lack of signs showing where these business parks are.  This opened the question of, how would a prospective business find the available locations?  Reaching someone by phone, at the Laramie Chamber of Commerce, proved to be unsuccessful, to try to answer this question.

Click here for slide show of all the Laramie, WY business/technology parks

Laramie residents divided on their opinions of the Business Parks’

Dr. Cook, 88, a longtime resident of Laramie, doesn’t want the new Cirrus Sky Technology Park. “It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Just like the new High School being built”, was all he had to say. Tom Adams, another longtime resident of Laramie, said, “Laramie needs this new tech park. We want to attract businesses to Laramie that will help our town, high tech businesses.”

‘In conclusion’

The Cirrus Sky Technology Park, currently under construction, will have advanced technology, thus bringing Laramie into a new technological era. While a completion date is not yet known, Laramie citizens can rest easy knowing we are on our way to a better future.

This will show if photo doesn't.

Kathy, author and her significant other, Chris.












You want $5.5 Million dollars to do WHAT??!!??

25 Sep

BC-WY—    Just the facts, Ma’am…..

 The new Cirrus Sky Technology Park (CSTP) is finally under construction. It’s being built on North 22nd Street and Beaufort here in Laramie, WY.  The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board, in Jan 2013, said there are $5.5 million dollars of grant monies available for the construction of the CSTP. Approximately $1.4 million will go to pay for the 149 acres of land north of Laramie, while $4.1 million will be used mostly for the infrastructure.

The infrastructure would include buildings and 10 acres of green space. Gaye Stockman, CEO of the Laramie Economic Development Corporation, has said that CSTP, along with Western Power Authority, will have “multiple power sources” and “fiber optics capabilities.”  Stockman also says the tech ‘park will provide land ready for construction to technology-based research and development businesses.’

What do Laramie citizens think…

There are negative/positive comments in the “comments” section, (Cirrus Sky Technology Park), which seem to be indicative of how some citizens of Laramie feel about the new tech park.

  • Crack.Trash• 9 days ago boo. the people of beaufort and the north laramie area DO NOT want this crap. no thanks!!!!! WHY NOT BUILD A KING SUPERS or a REAL grocery store in WEST LARAMIE???? WHY NOT MAKE WAL-MART landscape so it doesn’t like like CRAP out there? priorities people. wtf???
  • Jimbo 14 days agoA master plan is usually created earlier in the process. Now that roads are being constructed, some infrastructure design completed and two tenants have been identified, the master planning will have some constraints. It can still be done, but given the work already taken to this point, the real question might be does the City need to pay $60k for a consultant to validate work already completed?
  • Ross Evans  18 days agoIt’s exciting to see this project get started. This is the kind of change that has brought, and will continue to bring, positivity to Laramie that is unique to us. This project and it’s potential can realistically only be viewed as a huge boon for our citizens, for UW and for the region. Wyoming has a reputation of lagging in technology and business development, and this project, and the vision of continuity brought forward by UW and the LEDC are great examples of how good change is for our state. Thanks also to Bobbe Fitzhugh and Community Builders! It’s great to see development dollars stay local!!

The feeling is that “community input” has been ignored from the start. According to Richard Rogers, a private Laramie resident I interviewed, feels that despite community input, the city council members will “do as they please.”  When asked who would benefit from the new tech park, Rogers stated, “the city of Laramie. This is a University town; we need the jobs the tech park will provide, as well as the new technology. This could be what is needed to help keep our young residents in Laramie.

                                                         The “build it and they will come”, attitude……

The LEDC (More to the Story of Laramie’s Proposed Business Park) has retained the University Of Wyoming as their first tenant; only, the University of Wyoming actually takes away from instead of adding to (the city’s base tax) because of the University’s tax exempt status. The Underwriter’s Laboratory, Inc., have made plans to move their business from the University to Cirrus Sky, upon completion of a building.

New light was shed on this subject after interviewing Mr. Rogers. Many feel the new tech park is a waste of tax payer’s money, but just as many feel the new tech park will bring Laramie into the new technology era.

There’s something about Kathy…..

10 Sep



A little about Kathy:

Kathy Ogburn works at Premier Bone & Joint. Kathy is a cleaning specialist, making sure the operating rooms, recovery rooms, follow-up rooms, as well as the administrative offices and the clinic rooms are sparkling and disinfected as per policy. Kathy is also in her 5th semester at Laramie County Community College-Albany County Campus, hoping to graduate in May 2015 with an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

What does Kathy like to do:

Kathy likes to go camping and fishing in The Snowy Range, especially elk camp in October!! Kathy also likes traveling to different National Parks, to camp and fish in them!!

Kathy also enjoy spending time with her 2 cats, Shiloh and Anuz. They all love to go “cat fishing” in the backyard!!

What I will write about:

Kathy will write in the blog about how difficult and easy it has been being back in school after 35 years.