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Dance the night away!

5 Dec

By, Joseph Rhoades

Wyoming, wild, wide open spaces, sage brush, jackalopes, cowboys, and horses are just a few of the items that are associated with this state.  One of the biggest stereotypes many Wyomingites may experience is a dance known as swing dancing.  This type of dance is most commonly associated with country music.  However, there are people who will dance like this even when the music being played is not country.

People who have not experienced this type of dance need to experience it at least once in their lifetime.  No matter what skill level an individual has when it comes to this dance, it is still an interesting dance to experience.  It can even be a good work out depending on the speed and the moves that a person performs during the songs.  There are many different locations spread out all over Cheyenne and Laramie that will allow a person to experience this type of dance.

What is swing dancing?

Swing dancing

Swing dancing at the Church of Latter Day Saints


Swing dancing is exactly what the name implies.  The two partners who are performing this dance are “swinging” around using each others arms.  Like every other dance there is a lead, usually the man, and the woman or other individual follows their lead. “Swing dancing is a form of dancing that revolves around country music, it is a stress release and many people may consider it a past time” commented University of Wyoming student Mykel Owens.  “There are basic moves which just involve a few spins and twists, but with practice people are able to work up to flipping and more complex spinning and twisting,” stated University of Wyoming student James Ottman.

First time dancing?

Not a problem, even if you have not experienced or have not even taken part in this dance a student can take part in swing dancing lessons before the main event begins.  “Every Thursday from 7-9 pm, there are swing dancing lessons provided in the Union for individuals who want to better and further themselves in this type of dance.  Depending on the person’s skill level will decide what variant of the lessons will be taught to the individuals.  Beginners for example will begin by learning how to step correctly and will begin to learn how to properly “swing”.  Hand placements when actually performing the moves are also very important and we help to show and instruct the participants with the proper techniques” commented University of Wyoming Student Brittany Hamilton.

When and where does this take place?

  • Laramie

There are many different locations that people are able to go in order to participate in this dance.  Students who are attending LCCC or the University of Wyoming in Laramie have the opportunity to take part in this dance every Thursday night.  Thursday every week swing dance is available to these students from 9-11 pm.  Every few Thursdays the swing dance is moved to another location, however it is mostly located in the University of Wyoming Union building on the UW campus.

The Cowboy is another location in Laramie that individuals may attend this type of dance.  However there are more restrictions with this event.  If you are under 21 the only day that you may attend is Wednesday night, and there is a five dollar entrance fee.  If over the age of 21 an individual my participate any other night of the week.  Swing dance is from 10 pm – 2am.

  • Cheyenne

LCCC Life Enrichment offers classes for individuals who would like to learn how to swing dance along with many other different dances. If interested, you can click this link to find out the schedule for the 2015 classes, look on page 9!  These are non credit classes and do not help obtaining a degree, they are just used for helping people to find more activities they are interested in.

Another potential location for swing dancing in Cheyenne would be at the Outlaw Saloon. This however is a bar, so the participants have to be 21 in order to attend these events.  Live bands begin playing every night at 7pm and play until 2 am.


Movie Time!

23 Nov

By, Joseph Rhoades

In 2012 the first of three Hunger Games movies was released.  For those who have read and experienced the books, the release of the movies was a much anticipated and exciting event.  The same goes for the third movie that was officially viewable in theaters November 21, 2014.  The Hunger Games; Mockingjay Part 1, begins the final movie for the final book in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Early showing

Many excited fans were able to experience an early showing the day before the official release date.  This is a new and reoccurring theme that has begun with many of the new movies that are being released.  It originally started out being a midnight release, however it has evolved into being even earlier the day before the release date for many movies.  These times usually occur around 8, or 830 the night before.  The night before release is a very popular event for many of the fans.

Regal Fox Theater, full parking lot

Regal Fox Theater, full parking lot

“We have not completely sold out any of our showings for this evening but all of the auditoriums that we have only have 1-5 seats left. And compared to the last Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay has brought in a larger crowd the opening night” stated Regal Fox Theater employee Marsiella.  Every employee I spoke with was a fan of this series and was also a fan of the new movie.  I also have to say I enjoyed this film.

I personally like the second movie the best so far, however part one of the final movie was very well done. I am excited to see the second part of the movie when it is released.

This movie was a very anticipated film if there were so many people going to the early showings, and is a must see if you are a fan of the Hunger Games series.

“We are also expecting to see an estimated 600 people for the viewings for tonight and even more within the next 24 hours” stated Ashley Lopez.  The 600 is a count of the seats within the five auditoriums. This just shows how excited people are about viewing this new film.

A little about the movie

I do not want to ruin this movie for those of you who are planning on attending a showing, but I am going to go into some details about the movie.  As with every movie that has come from a book, it does not follow the book exactly. I do feel the producers did a fairly good job trying to follow the story line however.  Another thing I noticed about this movie and the others, was the mood or the overall feeling of the film changes with every movie.  This film was very brutal and had many sad aspects to it, that is the feeling a reader receives with the book also.

Get in on the action!

This film is now available for viewing all across the United States, and you can bet that it is within driving distance of where you are right now.  Some local locations to view this new and anticipated film, are:


  • Carmike Frontier 9
    • Starting 11-24-14 showings are;
      Regal Cinemas - Laramie Wyoming

      Regal Cinemas – Laramie Wyoming

      • 12:55 pm
      • 1:25 pm
      • 4 pm
      • 4:30 pm
      • 7 pm
      • 7:30 pm
      • 9:55 pm
      • 10:25 pm



As with every other event, cost of admission is a factor. And it does vary depending on the location a person attends the movie. Some locations even offer a student or military discount.  If this is the case all a student from LCCC needs to do is show them their student I.D. and you get a reduced price ticket!

Pricing at Carmike

  • Child $6.25

    Auditorium 2, first people there!

    Auditorium 2, first people there!

  • Adult $6.50
  • Evening Child $6.25
  • Evening Adult $9.00
  • Student Discount $5.50

Pricing at Regal Fox Theater 6

  • Child $6.00
  • Adult $6.50
  • Evening Child $6.25
  • Evening Adult $8.50

Now that everyone has an insight about the movie theaters around the area along with the anticipation that many people have felt, it is time to head to your local theater and catch a showing of the new Hunger Games!

Winter Farmbrrrrr Market

6 Nov

By, Joseph Rhoades

Summer has gone, fall is here, and winter is coming; this may be exciting to many and upsetting to others.  This change in season however, brings on another kind of farmer’s market. The summer brings summer markets, but the winter brings on a different twist to this idea.  There are still many different varieties of fresh veggies and home baked and made items.  However, the aspect of home grown, fresh, fruits and vegetables is not as big in this season. Instead, people see more baked goods and craft items.

Relax, before everyone starts thinking that they are going to freeze and everyone start saying brrrr, that is going to be cold and miserable, it needs to be known that it is located in a warm and heated building.

Winter markets?

Inside view of market

Inside view of market

On Saturday November 1, the season of Winter Markets kicked off in historic downtown Cheyenne.  I had the privilege of wandering around this event and meeting with some very polite and interesting people.  “I really enjoy farmer’s markets because I feel that people who sell items during the markets are nicer than people in grocery stores.  Another aspect I enjoy is that the items are homegrown and/or homemade.  The vendor’s willingness to tell you all the ingredients and how they made their products is also very refreshing” stated visitor, Mykel Owens.

After visiting one of these markets it is clear that every vendor takes a large deal of pride with their products.  They will make every possible move to make sure that their customers are satisfied and will jump on the opportunity to fix a problem if it is needed. Betty Shaffer made the comment “When you receive one of my baked goods you know that it is fresh, and you will not find fresh goodies that were made that day in a grocery store.  I will try my hardest to fix any unsatisfactory with my customers if they do not find my products satisfactory”.  Every vendor I spoke with had the same mentality, they want people to enjoy their fresh products and to continue to come back to the markets.


“The winter market turnout, vendor wise, was not as big as the event that occurred during the summer.  There were still many different vendors and varieties of items to choose from though” stated Trace Buckert.

When visiting these events a person will expect to find:

  • baked goods,
  • canned items,
  • craft items
  • bbq sauce
  • salsa
  • homemade chip/tortillas
  • homegrown/grass feed beef and poultry items
  • jams and jellies
  • etc

Some winter vegetables are being sold as well, due to their growing season extending later in the year.

Monroe Farm stand

Monroe Farm stand

When and where are they?

For the area of Cheyenne these events occur every first Saturday of the month from November 2014 until May 2015. There are also two extra days taking place on:

  • November 15
  • December 20

All of these events take place between 10 am and 2 pm, and are located in the historic train station in downtown Cheyenne.  The address for this location is:

Cheyenne’s Historic Train Depot, 121 West 15th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001

More information can be found by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for? Take a trip down to the Train Depot, shop for healthy homemade items and look around a historic relic from our past.


Another Glimpse at LCCC EMTs

24 Oct

By, Joseph Rhoades

Learning is one of the most important traits an EMT or any medical provider needs to carry and take with them throughout their entire career.  If this does not happen the important life saving information will not be retained and the individual will then not be able to perform the tasks they are needed to perform.  Learning how to study, understand, and retain the important information may be difficult at first but with practice, patience, and studying, an individual will learn this trait.  This semester’s EMT class is no exception.

Two weeks down, what is new?

The past two weeks have been a very informative and a new experience for the individuals participating in this years class; both because of the chapters being taught, and because the students are now participating in the real life hands on situations.  These ride-alongs can be performed in several different locations as long as it is approved by the instructor of the class, most students participate with AMR in Cheyenne, in the Emergency Room at Cheyenne Regional, previous students have also gone through CFR, or Laramie Fire Department.

Training Center LCCC, location of EMT class

Training Center LCCC, location of EMT class

During the past two weeks students have covered a broad range of classes, finishing their discussion about the many different respiratory disease, a large majority of their focus was on the medical emergencies aspect of emergency care.  Which can consists of diabetic emergencies, heart attacks, asthma attacks, allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock, respiratory distress, etc.  Students are taught how to recognize signs of these emergencies and then how to treat them.  Many people may not realize it but there are more medical emergencies than trauma or “blood and gore” situations, so students need to understand these situations and know how to handle them quickly to save a person’s life.

Every few weeks the instructor’s of the class put together lab days which students are then put to the test on whether or not the students are retaining the information.  I was able to get a hold of Emily Underwood who is currently an EMT with AMR, who is helping with portions of the class.  Underwood was one of the lab station instructors on October 21, 2014, and was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

You want me to do what?

Ride-along’s with the ambulance, help to open the students eyes about how it is to really be an EMT.  On my last ride along with AMR (Fall 2013), I was introduced to several situations that I will never forget.  One being, putting shorts onto a mostly unconscious adult, diabetic emergency male patient, and then putting him on to a cot, I never thought I would be putting another man’s pants on him.  Underwood commented “your very first ride along is the most intense and nerve racking, especially because you are doing all of the vital sign taking and getting the history of the patient.  At first it is nerve racking but after you get going it is a lot easier to get the information that you needed and to be more fluid on how you obtain it”.

“I have not been on a ride-along yet, however I feel that I will, because of my training, stay calm and act accordingly because of the training I have received, I feel that it will be an intense experience and will definitely get an adrenaline rush from it” commented Stephanie Lawson.  Once she has completed this class she plans to us her EMT certification to become a full time EMT.  From the beginning of the class all of these students are trained to handle stressful situations, many students gave me the same response “I plan to react and respond in a cool, calm, collective manner and complete my task at hand” this is a great mentality to have.  However once they are put into that situation it will be a real test to see if they are able to stand up to their own expectations.

AMR ambulance, potential ride along location

AMR ambulance, potential ride along location

“One thing that I really enjoyed about my ride-alongs, was that even though you were put into stressful situations, there was always someone there to have your back.  I had great care providers who helped me when I got stuck or when we needed to move faster during the situations.  They can step back and watch but as soon as their is an issue they are there to help or to answer questions.  And even now that I am a full time EMT I still feel the same way with my partner, we are always there for each other” said Underwood.

The end is almost here

There is less than two months left in this semester, and in two months there are several of the biggest tests that the EMT class will face, the state written Exam for EMT, and the five different stations known as the practicals.  The stations consist of:

  • a medical emergency,
  • an airway,
  • a trauma,
  • CPR/AED,
  • and a splinting, bleeding control, and treatment of shock station.

These stations cover everything that has been covered in the medical emergency portion along with new information to come with the trauma portion, that the class has begun but not completely finished.

“Trauma situations can be some of the most gruesome sights, because people can be missing limbs, can be bleeding a lot, have broken bones, and could easily have hidden injuries that are internal.  This makes for a scary situation especially if they start to drop off, because it can happen very quickly” said Charlaine Lundgren.  Lundgren is currently an EMT with AMR in Cheyenne, she completed the class in fall of 2013.

Once the class is completed the students learning is not finished. In order to be an incredibly important member of a care team continuing their education is a must.  In order to stay certified the students are required to complete continuing education classes, these are just classes that deal with everything an EMT goes through during the course.  These are used as a refreshment.  Also because practices keep changing, if they do not keep up with the current standards, or their education they will be behind the rest of the team and will not perform to their full potential.


EMT an Introduction

10 Oct

By, Joseph Rhoades

Heroes; to many people they are Police, Firemen, Doctors, or individuals in the Armed Services.  They are the most talked about “heroes” in conversations, and many people have an idea of what they do.  However, there is one hero that is not always talked about and not as well known.  This group of heroes are known as the EMS or the Emergency Medical Service.  This service consists of many brave men and women who take on roles that many people would not be able to do in their day to day lives.

EMS Levels

Within the EMS system there are several different levels, three main levels of this system are EMT-B, A-EMT, and EMT-P or paramedic.  However, only one of these will be covered throughout this post due to it being the framework, and one of the beginning levels of the system; the EMT-B or Emergency Medical Technician Basic.

So what is an EMT?

“An Ambulance Driver!” would be most people’s answer, this however is not the correct answer.  An EMT is so much more than an ambulance driver, they help to save many people’s lives.  It is true that EMT’s do transport patients to and from the hospital, or accident scene but this is not all they do.  They are a very important part, if not one of the most important parts of the EMS system because they assist with, and save people’s lives.

On scenes and en-route, to the hospital EMT’s perform basic emergency care, which includes taking vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and administering oxygen to patients.  This might not seem like it is much, but in all honesty it is a very important task.  By taking these readings it helps to set up a trend that can be seen by the receiving hospital.  By using previous readings the hospital is able to see if the patient is improving or if they are continuing to deteriorate.  People may think that EMT’s can administer medications, but this is not true.  They are only able to assist a patient in administering a medication.

EMT’s are also very important assistants when A-EMT’s and Paramedics are present, because they help to prepare patients for transport, take vitals, and set up equipment for the higher levels of the EMS system.  If there were no basics the A’s and P’s would have to do everything and would take too much time away from the patient care.  This could cause a large impact on how well the patient will do.

Certification Uses

There are many different uses that any individual is able to use this certification for, and after interviewing several students from the current Fall 2014 class and found several different responses to what they want to use the cert for.  Several of the students in the class are either members of a fire department or are a fire science major, so they plan to use the certification as an EMT on a fire department.  Others stated that they want to be a full time EMT for an ambulance service, or to use this certification with becoming a nurse, or even with becoming a doctor.  Certifications like this also help to make an individual more hire-able even if it is not within a medical field.

Current Class

There are several requirements that students need to follow in order to complete the class.

  • Be CPR certified
  • Pass drug test and background check
  • Stay above 80% or dropped after second test
  • Complete requirements set by teacher
  • Pass final exam with 80% or higher
  • Complete Practical Exam

The third bullet on this list might seem a little strict and severe, however it is really not.  This field requires competent minds who are willing to learn, study hard, and put their best effort down in order to help protect and save lives.  These students are required to wear a uniform during the entire semester, to help prepare them for wearing a uniform while they are working as an EMT.  Before diving too deep into the class, the students slowly work their way into how the body works and then dig deeper into it.  Up to this point in time students have explored:

  • Anatomy (Structure) and Physiology (Function)
    • Skeletal system, Cardiovascular system, Circulatory system, etc.  And how they function within the body.
  • Patient Assessment
    • Pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, breaths per minute, skin condition,
  • Pharmacology
    • Medications EMT able to assist administering
      • Nitroglycerin, O2, Oral Glucose, Activated Charcoal, Epinephrine, Aspirin, and a metered dose inhaler
  • Pathophysiology
    • Disease processes and diseases that can affect the body
  • Airway Management
    • Ensuring airway stays open, and patient is breathing adequately

This semester’s current class is over a month into their course.  The 48 hours of ride along’s will be starting next week, this is where the students go with AMR, or Cheyenne Fire Rescue, to get hands on experience with real situations.

Interested in Becoming an EMT?

Classes are available at

  • LCCC Cheyenne Campus
  • LCCC Laramie Campus
  • To find classes in Wyoming click here

This was just a quick introduction to what an EMT does and are required to partake in in order to become someones hero.  These individuals are extremely important because they are what keeps you alive while you are being sped to the hospital.



Old McDonald had a Farm….er’s Market!

26 Sep

By, Joseph Rhoades

Tired of the same old “fresh, and natural” products that you receive from Walmart or some other grocery store? Want to mix things up and actually receive a truly fresh piece of produce or meat item, and support your local community? Then you need to come visit a Farmer’s Market!

Many may ask, what is a Farmer’s Market?

This is actually quite simple and easy to answer, and yes farmers are involved in a farmer’s market.

2nd street

Farmer’s Market Stands on 2nd Street

However, they are not the only people who are involved. Many people from around the community, or area attend, participate in, or are a vendor for these events.

In simple terms it is a gathering of many different people selling different varieties of items, ranging anywhere from fruits and vegetables to meats and many craft items.  Many people may be skeptical at first but after attending one of these events they will continue to return and obtain awesome fresh items.

I personally attended the last farmer’s market today in Laramie, very skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised to find many items that I enjoyed.  There were many stands that had fresh fruits and vegetables, along with meats, both lamb and beef; which were grass fed.  My favorite today was a stand called J & J Gourmet Salsa which sold fresh salsa and homemade tortilla shells.  Another crowd favorite was Palisade Peaches. Both Delicious!

A taste of some vendors:

  • Heart Mothers
  • Palisade Peaches
  • J & J Gourmet Salsa
  • Cowgirl attitude Jewelry
  • Pope Farms Produce
  • Click here for more vendors

Where can


Fresh Veggies from Pope Farms Produce

these “farmers” be found?

These markets can be found in many different counties around the state of Wyoming, but locally these markets can be found in Laramie, and in Cheyenne.  Laramie’s market is located between 1st and 2nd street on Grand Avenue.  Cheyenne’s, depending on time of year is located at Frontier Mall west of Sears, or at 312 South Greeley Highway. The schedule for all farmer’s markets can be found here.

Market Availability

Unfortunately due to the growing season coming to a close, it also ends the markets, September 26th was Laramie’s last market of this season. However there are several in Cheyenne that a person is able to attend until October 6th.  After this date one will not be available until the beginning of November when the Winter Farmer’s Market is occurring.  Laramie’s market occurs every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. starting in July and ending in September.

Why should you attend?

J&J stand

Mykel Owens purchasing Tortillas and Salsa from J&J Gourmet Salsa

If anyone is interested in obtaining truly fresh grocery items, or craft items, then they need to attend one of these events, because they do not last long.  When they are done the only place to find fresh fruit is at a health food store, such as Big Hollow Food Coop.

All of the items that are available for purchase are made with natural ingredients, are homegrown, and do not get altered with chemicals or other additives.  Besides from it being healthy and good for you, it also supports your local community.  Instead of giving money to a large corporation you are helping members within your town.  A win, win for both of you!

So hurry before it is to late!


Family, Fun, Fire Fighting

9 Sep

Who are you? Firefighting

Who is he? He is Joseph Rhoades, he is a full time student at Laramie County Community College, and is currently in the process of completing two associates degrees. One in Fire Science, the other is an Associates of General Studies. He currently works full time on a fire crew with the United States Forest Service in Newcastle Wyoming, and has been with the Volunteer Fire Department.  He plans to further his career as a firefighter.

Facts to KnoGrandfather Clockw

When Joseph is not studying or working, he is a very active individual.  He tries to run several times a week, and plays pick up soccer games with his younger brothers and friends whenever possible.  He is an avid fossil hunter with his younger siblings, and enjoys spending time playing video games with them as well.  Joseph enjoys spending time with his family.  Whenever time warrants, he also constructs woodworking projects or attempts to draw plans and dimensions for future projects. Joseph’s greatest project he constructed, is his grandfather clock.

Potential Contribution

Joseph at this point in time does not know what he will contribute to the blog, potentially updates about University of Wyoming football games, but at this point it is unclear.

My Family