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National Arts Program’s annual exhibit and contest returns

12 Dec

Cheyenne Civic Center celebrates 7th annual exhibit

From now, until Dec. 19th the Cheyenne Civic Center is holding its annual National Arts Program exhibit and contest.  The National Arts Program® is available to City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, State of Wyoming (Laramie County), LCCC, Laramie County School District #1,  Laramie County School District #2, Federal, VA and Warren AFB employees, their families and retirees.

Last Year’s exhibit:

College offers help to students in need

3 Dec

Other programs offered by LCCC:

Storey Gymnasium Opens doors to TRiO Open House

26 Nov


TRiO lends hands to students in need.

Tonight, at 5:30PM, local TRiO programs are holding an open house at Storey Gymnasium.  The open house will showcase some of the programs available to Cheyenne students. and how each program can help students with different stressful situations.

No matter what your stress is, TRiO will try to help.

TRiO is a group of federally funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to get their degree. More than 850,000 low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities  are served by more than 2,800 programs nationally. TRiO programs provide academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and other supports necessary for educational access and retention. TRIO programs provide direct support services for students, and relevant training for directors and staff.

TRiO programs include:

Daisy Duke’s Trades in Short-Shorts for the Night

23 Nov
Daisy Duke's announces Pajama Party.

Daisy Duke’s announces Pajama Party.

Takin off her boots for the night.

Saturday, Nov 23rd, Daisy Dukes Bar and Package will be holding a Pajama Party.  With little time left before the holidays, Daisy dukes is putting out a last-ditch effort to allow you to relax before the stress of the holidays.  The party starts at 9 PM, and anyone over the age of 21 is invited to come out have some drinks and hang out.  Pajamas are definitely encouraged but not a must to join in.

Costumes will be rewarded!

Cash and prizes will be awarded to the persons who show up wearing: the funniest PJ’s, the sexiest PJ’s, and the wildest and most colorful PJ’s.  Come hang out, get comfy with some friends, and drink responsibly.

Happy Holidays

As some of you may be leaving for the holiday, I would just like to take a moment to remind you all to drive safely.  The roads can be especially dangerous during the winter.  Take your time and get there safely, your family will appreciate it.  For information on road conditions, you can always dial 5-1-1.

Do You Have Your Tickets to Festival of Trees?

15 Nov

Tickets still available for Gala.

Tonight, Friday November 15, at 5Pm, The Depot Museum opens its doors for the Festival of Trees.  Bring your friends and family out for free cookies and hot cocoa, as you gaze at beautifully decorated Christmas trees.  Pick your favorite tree and return tomorrow night (Saturday November 16), where you will be able to bid on the trees and other donated items.

It goes to an amazing cause.

Proceeds from Saturday, go to Magic City Enterprise‘s employment program.  This program is dedicated to helping people with disabilities to obtain a job, furthering their independence.

Poll for the readers:

Festival of Trees Returns to Cheyenne Depot Museum

8 Nov

IMG_0101Festival of Trees is a two day event.

Starting on November 15, 21013, The Cheyenne Depot Museum will be holding their annual Festival of Trees.  At the festival, patrons, their friends, and their families will be able to participate in many events, while supporting less fortunate families and individuals with disabilities.  The festival is split into two days, with day one starting on Friday at 5 P.M..

Day 1 – Free Family day

Friday bodes an opportunity to get your family out of the house and enjoy a night together.  Participants of Fridays events at the festival will be able to bid on decorated trees, in which the proceeds go to Magic City Enterprise’s Employment Services.  Participants will also be able to take family photos with  Mr. and Mrs. Saint Nicholas (Santa and his wife).  There will be an opportunity to vote on your favorite decorated tree.  And, free hot chocolate, coffee and cookies will be given to all, not just to Santa.

Day 2 – Gala Night

Saturday, November 16, 2013, is Gala Night!  Celebrate the holiday season with your friends, by helping people with disabilities and enjoying a fancy meal prepared specifically for Festival of Trees.  There will be a Tree Auction, featuring professionally decorated and themed trees, in which the money from the sale will go to a needy family or organization of your choice!

Magic City Enterprises mystifies with it’s majesty

Magic City Enterprises is an organization, located here in Cheyenne, that work specifically with people with disabilities.  The organization helps to find ways for people with disabilities to better themselves.  Some of the ways Magic City Enterprises helps it’s clients is by:

  • Helping individuals with a disability to find employment.
  • Helping individuals with disability to find and participate in leisure activities.
  • Helping individuals to find ways to express themselves. (eg. Arts, Music, Crafts)

If you would like to know more about Magic City Enterprises and how you can help them, or know someone who could use their help, visit their website.

Mothers, Expressing Their Gratitude Through Social Media

8 Nov
I am grateful that Winter is here!

I am grateful that Winter is here!


The Gratitude Project

On Nov. 1, 2013, Motherhood University started an event called The Gratitude Project, and will last until Nov. 30.  The event is a way to express what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving to all your friends and family.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and is a good way to give you and your friends something to talk about.  For the Event, all you have to do is:

1. Join the event.
2. Invite your friends.
3. Each day in November post on The Gratitude Project page or in your status something for which you are grateful
(Be sure to your friends and Motherhood University so more people can join in the fun).

Mothers Educating Mothers

Have you ever heard of Motherhood University?  Well, if you haven’t, Motherhood University is a website dedicated to making sure Mothers ( Fathers can use it too!) get all the resources they need to make sure the can provide the best for their children.  Once you enter the site, you can click on one of any of these links:

Classroom: A tutorial to help you navigate your way around the site.

Coupon College: Ways to effectively find and use coupons.

Culinary Campus: Fast and easy recipes

Home Management: Ways to keep your house safe and toxin free.

Freshman Moms: Tips for Newborn Mothers.

Extra Credit: Tips and tricks to keep them enjoying time with you! ( Including how to surprise Dad.)

Parenting PhD.: Tips for becoming a more confident parent.

Homeschool 101: Fun ways to help your child or children learn.

Still haven’t checked out Facebook?

If not, it is ok.  But, you are missing out on a lot!  Facebook is an easy way to mingle with friends through social media, without having to leave your home, and even comes in a mobile version for those who are always on the go.  Facebook is also an easy way to meet people, near or far.  Through Facebook you can express what you like: music, movies, art, how your day is going, or just share random pictures.  If you have a Facebook, or if you’re one of the countless people who are just not sure about it, let me be your “Tom“:  My Facebook!

Redwood Continues Thankful Thursdays

1 Nov

Thanking Patriot Guard Riders

This weeks Thankful Thursdays is featuring the Patriot Guard Riders this week.  Their mission ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes.  The group  also attends funerals and greets veterans returning home.

Thank the Redwood

You do not have to come donate, though donations are greatly appreciated.  Come hang out and have a great time and some drinks at the Redwood on Thursdays.  There is lots of games and chances to win money.  Starting at 4:30 P.M., come check out Thankful Thursdays.  Make sure to get the secret code for your chance to win additional prizes.

Daisy Dukes Halloween Bash Pt. 2

26 Oct

You read that Right

Daisy Dukes is doing the Time Warp and having their Halloween Bash again, tonight, Saturday, October 26, 2013.  It will start at 9 P.M.

Costume Contest Winners

  • Best costume – Farmer riding a tractorFarmer Riding Tractor
  • Sexiest Costume – Lady Bug Ladybug
  • Scariest Costume – Witch 20131025_212050

Hoping for a Repeat of Last Night

Another costume contest will be help.  More prizes, more giveaways, and even more fun.

Halloween Bash at Daisy Dukes

25 Oct

Daisy Dukes First Ever Halloween Bash

Tonight, Friday October 25, 2013, Daisy Dukes (formerly known as Goofy’s) is holding their first ever (under new name) Halloween Bash.    The party will start at 9:00 P.M.

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

There will be spooky jello shots, prizes, giveaways and a costume contest.  1st prize will win a $100 bar tab, 2nd wins $50 bar tab and 3rd place wins a $25 bar tab.

Not Having Costume, No Excuse

Get some costume ideas here.  Happy Halloween everyone, be safe, and drink responsibly!