Urban Development in Cheyenne, WY

7 Dec

by Phillip Bowling

Updated Dinneen building from the parking lot.

Updated Dinneen building from the parking lot.

Cheyenne Downtown 

Cheyenne became a town in 1867 when the Union Pacific Railroad came through and they only had 600 people living in town. By the end of 1880 they had approached 4,000 people and F.E. Warren Air Force Base came to town, which at that time it was Fort D.A. Russell. Between 1886 and 1890 the Capital Building was built as to what is now the downtown area. While one of the first buildings built in the heart of the central business district was the Plains Hotel in 1911. Since then there has been plenty of buildings built but there hasn’t been much invested in the downtown area to make it a bright spot in the Cheyenne area. From 2007-2013 more than $21 million was invested in the downtown. Since then it has helped improve the selections and the look of downtown since, “Downtowns truly are the heart and soul of the community,” said Mary Randolph, director of Wyoming Main Street.

 CBD is the heart & soul

The central business district is the main focal point of a city as it is the easiest part of the city to reach due to the accessibility. These main focal points consist of three types of services and they are:

Sign for shops in the Dinneen building.

Sign for shops in the Dinneen building.

Business Service

  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Journalism
  • Law

Consumer Services

  • Office supplies
  • Computers
  • Clothing
  • Shoe repair
  • Rapid photocopying
  • Dry cleaning

Public Services  

Buidlings are ready for rent.

Buidlings are ready for rent.

  • City Hall
  • Courts
  • Libraries
  • Sports Facilities

According to the polls, about 9 percent of Americans prefer to live in the suburbs as to the inner cities. Where, now 50 percent of Americans live in suburbs as only 20 percent in the 1950’s but now the U.S suburbs are more labeled as sprawl due to the rapid growth over the open landscape. As more people are moving into the suburbs, there is a reason to whythere is a need to fix up the downtown area. There are companies such as Catellus, that help with reconstruction on old out dated buildings unless the City and State can do it.

Future, Present, Past changes

I was born and raised in Cheyenne and I have always thought our downtown wasn’t like other downtowns. It’s been in the need of some care in the buildings so downtown can provide the proper services to the people of Cheyenne and tourists. It’s good that in the last couple of years, Cheyenne has slowly been seeing a change and with the new changes to the Dinneen building, it’s going to help create much more traffic downtown and help boost the Cheyenne economy. Here is what some of the current changes are and what is still to come:

Frontside of the Dinneen building from the main street downtown.

Frontside of the Dinneen building from the main street downtown.

Current Changes

  • Rib & Chop House
  • Downtown Parking Lot
  • Renovate a historic building downtown
  • Renovation of the Historic Depot
  • Construction of the Depot Plaza
  • Local events such as
    • Fridays on the Plaza
    • Saturday Farmers Market
    • Pancake breakfast during CFD

      Reconstructed lot across form the Dinneen building.

      Reconstructed lot across form the Dinneen building.

Future Changes  

  • Carey Avenue Extension & Streetscape Enhancements
  • Streetscape Design Handbook
  • I-80 viaduct pedestrian fence approved for safety and to create a welcoming gateway into downtown
  • Dinneen Building with office buildings
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • More to come

These developments will help get rid of abanded buildings that are no longer safe for the community or for the tourists. This is going to help improve the downtown and now when people visit, they are going to say “WOW.” The next time you go downtown, make sure to take a minute to apprecaite the current improvements of the Central Business District of Cheyenne.

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