Dance the night away!

5 Dec

By, Joseph Rhoades

Wyoming, wild, wide open spaces, sage brush, jackalopes, cowboys, and horses are just a few of the items that are associated with this state.  One of the biggest stereotypes many Wyomingites may experience is a dance known as swing dancing.  This type of dance is most commonly associated with country music.  However, there are people who will dance like this even when the music being played is not country.

People who have not experienced this type of dance need to experience it at least once in their lifetime.  No matter what skill level an individual has when it comes to this dance, it is still an interesting dance to experience.  It can even be a good work out depending on the speed and the moves that a person performs during the songs.  There are many different locations spread out all over Cheyenne and Laramie that will allow a person to experience this type of dance.

What is swing dancing?

Swing dancing

Swing dancing at the Church of Latter Day Saints


Swing dancing is exactly what the name implies.  The two partners who are performing this dance are “swinging” around using each others arms.  Like every other dance there is a lead, usually the man, and the woman or other individual follows their lead. “Swing dancing is a form of dancing that revolves around country music, it is a stress release and many people may consider it a past time” commented University of Wyoming student Mykel Owens.  “There are basic moves which just involve a few spins and twists, but with practice people are able to work up to flipping and more complex spinning and twisting,” stated University of Wyoming student James Ottman.

First time dancing?

Not a problem, even if you have not experienced or have not even taken part in this dance a student can take part in swing dancing lessons before the main event begins.  “Every Thursday from 7-9 pm, there are swing dancing lessons provided in the Union for individuals who want to better and further themselves in this type of dance.  Depending on the person’s skill level will decide what variant of the lessons will be taught to the individuals.  Beginners for example will begin by learning how to step correctly and will begin to learn how to properly “swing”.  Hand placements when actually performing the moves are also very important and we help to show and instruct the participants with the proper techniques” commented University of Wyoming Student Brittany Hamilton.

When and where does this take place?

  • Laramie

There are many different locations that people are able to go in order to participate in this dance.  Students who are attending LCCC or the University of Wyoming in Laramie have the opportunity to take part in this dance every Thursday night.  Thursday every week swing dance is available to these students from 9-11 pm.  Every few Thursdays the swing dance is moved to another location, however it is mostly located in the University of Wyoming Union building on the UW campus.

The Cowboy is another location in Laramie that individuals may attend this type of dance.  However there are more restrictions with this event.  If you are under 21 the only day that you may attend is Wednesday night, and there is a five dollar entrance fee.  If over the age of 21 an individual my participate any other night of the week.  Swing dance is from 10 pm – 2am.

  • Cheyenne

LCCC Life Enrichment offers classes for individuals who would like to learn how to swing dance along with many other different dances. If interested, you can click this link to find out the schedule for the 2015 classes, look on page 9!  These are non credit classes and do not help obtaining a degree, they are just used for helping people to find more activities they are interested in.

Another potential location for swing dancing in Cheyenne would be at the Outlaw Saloon. This however is a bar, so the participants have to be 21 in order to attend these events.  Live bands begin playing every night at 7pm and play until 2 am.

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