Party Pony – Where kids go to Party

3 Dec

By Phillip Bowling

 Over 6 years… Too old to party  

First birthday

First birthday

Who doesn’t like to party, especially when you are younger that 7 years old? I know at that age the young ones come with an extra energy pack that parents aren’t equipped with. This time of year the weather becomes much more colder and it makes it challenging to be able to have a party outside to let the little ones run wild and deplete their energy pack. Diane Sloan, grandmother of 5 was “frustrated about the lack of playtime options for kids under the age of 6.” The parks are great when the weather is warm while the bowling alley and municipal pool are great for older kids. There are some less expensive places to take your kids for fun but not for any special events. Diane felt that there needed to be other options for the young ones in her family. This is when she came up with the Party Pony 7 years ago and it’s been a great place as Heather Potter said “I have 3 sons and each one of them have really enjoyed going to the Party Pony to play for a couple of hours while celebrating their birthday. I will continue using the Part Pony to celebrate my kids birthdays.”

 Plenty of activities!

The Party Pony has a great selection of activities for kids under the age of seven years and they are:

Outside Jungle Gym

Outside Jungle Gym

  • Carousel
  • Jumping Castle
  • Climbing Mountain
  • Alligator Ball Toss
  • Swinging Noodle
  • Outdoor Playground Structure
  • Climbing Animals
  • Dual Tire Horse Swings
  • Giant Ball
  • Clown Bubble Machine
  • Carnival Mirror
  • Vending Cart –  Hot Dogs, Snow Cones & Popcorn – Extra Cost

Coming Soon

  • Squirt Park
  • Maze

 Details, Capacity & Price

Just like any other place to hold a birthday party or any other event there is a fee for admissions. At the Party Pony you get to have the option of how long you want to be there.

Inside the Party Pony

Inside the Party Pony


  • I hour:          $100.00
  • 1.5 hours:    $150.00
  • 2 hours:       $200.00
  • 3 hours:       $270.00


  • Winter – 60 People
  • Summer – Unlimited


  • Hours – There are no hours, only when we party
  • Reservations – Suggested 30 days in advance as bookings fill up fast
  • Includes – Each party gets balloons and a special gift for the birthday child
  • Food & beverages – You are welcome to bring your choice of food, cake and ice cream
  • Additional information

The video below will give you a better look at the Party Pony and how big it is. The next time you are trying to think of a great place to book a birthday party for your young ones, think Party Pony!

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