Thanks for giving me this baby

28 Nov
By Stephanie McGee

My ideal way of spending Thanksgiving would not be in a hospital, but I will gladly take that over not having a beautiful baby boy to spend it with.

Today is day 21.

21 days since the birth of my nephew, Davis Night McKay.

Three weeks since a brand new baby had to be life-flighted to the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Three weeks since day zero.


Davis Knight McKay one hour after his birth.


Davis was born Saturday Nov. 8, 2014 at 10:40 p.m. His mom, my sister, was in labor for 28 hours. The doctors had to do CPR on Davis. He wasn’t responding or breathing on his own.

He didn’t even cry.

Davis was sent to Colorado because he needed to be cooled and we weren’t sure what that meant yet.

How does one handle something like this? I wasn’t even sure what was happening. My sister just got out of surgery and wasn’t able to meet her son yet. Finally they rolled her bed into the nursery and she was able to touch one tiny finger to her baby’s arm as the helicopter arrived.

A new baby is in Colorado, his mom in Wyoming, not released from the hospital yet. Can you imagine? Being a new mother and your baby in the NICU?



Look everybody, I’m breathing on my own.

But not so fast, this baby amazes me.

The day after, Nov. 9, Davis opened his eyes for the first time. Amazing.

Each day he improves a little more. Monday he started to move his fingers and toes. Thursday his MRI came back normal and was taken off the ventilator. Friday Davis was off almost every machine. He was breathing all on his own and only had two medications versus the seven he had when he arrived. Saturday he started to act like a normal baby, being swaddled tight, sucking on a pacifier and being held by his mommy.

The Children’s Hospital Colorado does amazing things.

And brand new babies can do amazing things too.


During this time I’ve come to realize a couple of things.


Life is so precious. And it’s sad you only believe this is true when something goes astray. Life can happen in one minute and be gone the next.


My family is not alone and there are many people going through the same struggles.

I see all these sick babies in the NICU, so innocent yet so full of life and blessings already.

Every day babies are being omitted into the hospital. And parents don’t have a choice but to watch their day old sons or daughters fight for their life. A life they haven’t even been able to live yet.

I believe that life throws hardships at us to test our strength and I believe that life can be extremely unfair.

I believe that children should not be sick but no amount of hurt is too large to overcome.


I finally get to wear clothes.


I am thankful for so much this year and I am grateful to my family and friends for spending their time to pray for innocent Davis.

My ideal way of spending Thanksgiving would not be in a hospital, but I will gladly take that over not having Davis with us today.


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