“Stalking” Up On Meat

27 Nov

As the hunting season is coming to an end, many people are trying to get one last hunt in. Everybody wants a lot of meat to stock up for the winter. The only problem is the weather. With frigid temperatures, is it even worth the risk of hunting? Should you stock up on canned goods instead?  Well, though it is risky to hunt in frigid temperatures, there are ways to have a safe hunt in bad weather.

Why the risk??

Some might be asking, “Why would you even want to go out in this cold?”. Well, if you have a successful hunt, you could be set on meat for quite a long time. So, it saves a lot of money as you won’t need to buy meat all winter for various meals. If you have bought meat at a store, you know how expensive it is, and those expenses add up. Also, I think fresh meat tastes much better than meat you buy at the store, and it’s better for you. So, even though you’re saving money, there is still a risk with frigid temperatures. We’re going to go over how to have a safe, warmish hunt with some tips from a past game warden.

Load the Warmth

Mark Nelson, who was a game warden for 20 years here in Cheyenne, was kind enough to share tips you need to stay safe while hunting in cold temperatures. He actually taught a class involving hunting safety as well. So, lets get started. Here is a step by step list that Mark gave to me on how to prepare:

1. Tell somebody where you will be and when you are returning.

2. Pack survival items

  • matches, lighter in sealed container
  • first aid kit
  • compass, map, GPS
  • knife
  • plastic highway department trash bag (used for shelter)

3. Cold Weather Clothing

  • extra wool socks
  • coats
  • warm hats
  • face mask
  • sunscreen, sunglasses

4. Bring your cell phone!

5. Items Kept In Vehicle

6. Bring water, food, and plenty of snacks (helps keep body warm)

With all of these items packed, you are now ready for a safe hunt even in cold temperatures.


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