Works of Wyoming: A part of the community

24 Nov

By: Amanda Bugbee

Works of Wyoming, a professional artist development center and gallery is located at 211 First St in downtown Laramie; right next the Sweet Melissa’s vegetarian café. Gayle Wilson is the owner of this lovely gallery and I was fortunate enough to sit down with her and discuss just what it is her gallery does.

Local, local & local

Works of Wyoming or the WOW gallery as it is often referred to, is a popular gallery downtown. WOW prides themselves in

Dan Roberts and his metal works

Dan Roberts and his metal works

catering to local artists, with a distance spanning the state of Wyoming; a great deal of the featured artists being from Laramie. Gayle tells me that these local Wyoming artists are the only ones featured in the gallery. The gallery has been in business for 5 years, 2 in its current location. When choosing art to display in the gallery Gayle says usually the time of year is taken into consideration and new and exciting pieces will make the cut. While on my visit to the gallery I was fortunate enough to run into Dan Roberts, of Hall Mountain Metal. Dan specializes in metal works, making signs, and cool art all from metal. If anyone is interested in a custom made metal sign or other design; Dan’s information is at the gallery as well as some of his work. Check it out.

Workshops for all

The WOW gallery offers a wide variety of workshops open to all to participate. These workshops are described as an enjoyable learning experience in a relaxing environment. According to Gayle the majority of the workshops take place during the winter to fill time during the chilly months in Laramie. Workshops seem to have a price range of $25-$35. This fee covers the cost of the materials that will be used.  A complete list of the workshops being offered during December as well as their dates and prices can be found at the gallery.

Helping the community: The Hilde Project

Gayle Wilson is a gallery owner as well as a teacher and mentor. The Hilde Project is a program that provides a creative

Works of Wyoming street view

Works of Wyoming street view

outlet to the incarcerated women in the Women’s Center of Lusk, WY. The project not only provides a creative outlet for these women but also teaches business skills and offers classes in technology as preparation for their release into a world that has since changed from what they knew. The Hilde Project was inspired by the teachings of 12th century nun Hildegard von Bingen. The Hilde Project connects women spiritually to the church for mentorship through the study of Saint Hildegard according to Gayle. Works of Wyoming is always accepting cast off scraps and fabrics for materials for the project. If you are interested in donating please call WOW at (307) 460-3304 or stop in.

Holiday fun

WOW is holding their own version of “black Friday” this holiday season. On Friday November 28th the gallery will be featuring and selling affordable art for the holidays. The pieces being sold will be $100 or less.  So be sure to stop in and check out some awesome local artwork!

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