Tis The Season. Happy Holidays. Is it that time again Already?!

7 Nov

By Olivia Hartshorn

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Getting into the Holiday Mode

I absolutely love Christmas, everything it represents, every single flickering light, the decorated trees shining through darkened windows.  But before I get ahead of myself how could I forget Thanksgiving?  Even though the department stores seem to set up for Christmas before Halloween even happens, let’s focus on the holiday devoted to eating and giving!  This time of the year there are many fun events and activities that families can participate in.  This time of the year is also perfect for giving to families in need.  So let’s do our part and see what you can do to help out!

Cash in at the Food Bank

Me volunteering at a Food Bank

Me volunteering at a Food Bank

If you have ever volunteered at a food bank you would know that it is no easy task.  In the same breath it is an extremely rewarding experience.  Unfortunately there is not a local Food Bank in the Cheyenne or Laramie area.  I know that Denver, CO is outside of our range to help keep it local but you can make donations online as well.  For any of those die hard volunteers out there you are more then welcome to volunteer individually or get a group together and head down to Denver and volunteer at the Food Bank of the Rockies.  If any of you out there are interested, here is additional information on how to volunteer.  Back to Laramie.  For those local Laramie folks like myself, have no fear we do have the Laramie Soup Kitchen.  There is options to volunteer and donate just like the food bank.  If you are interested in simply mailing in donations, feel free to mail food to 104 S. 4th Street, Laramie Wyoming, 82070.  For any additional information check out the Laramie Soup Kitchen Website.

The Liar. Wait, Who is A Liar?

Yes you read that right I said Liar.  The Liar play, is an American adaptation to the “farcical play by Pierre Corneille that was first performed in 1644.”  What is a farcical play?  This could be easily defined as light and humorous, but instead of focusing on the development of a character or characters you are following a plot that unfolds in a skillful way.  This play was originally based on a Spanish-American playwright in 1634 and then adapted into a French play in 1644.  The American adaptation was completed by David Ives.  This author specializes in comedies so be prepared to laugh!  Not sure if this specific play is for you? Check out this video of a version of The Liar at Writer’s Theatre.

When- Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at 2PM

Where- Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts Studio Theatre

Cost- $14 for general admission , $11 for seniors, $7 for students with a valid ID

Don’t forget to show up at least a half hour early to have a guaranteed seat!

I was just wondering…

As I was thinking of who I could interview and what type of questions I could ask I was at a loss.  So I decided that the events I was covering were community events I wanted to hear from the community.  So I set out and decided to ask the community some questions. My first person I stopped was a college student by the name of Taylor who I met in the Union.  First I explained that I was interviewing her to see if she would be interested in the types of events I mention in my blogs.  I mentioned the play “The Liar,” and she explained to me that “it sounded interesting but she was unfortunately going to be in Denver for the weekend with her family.  Otherwise she would definitely be there.  She then explained that she loved plays and used to go to them with her grandparents when she was younger.”  I then wanted to interview someone maybe a little older to see if they felt the same way.  I started conversing with a lady that I knew from a mutual friend and asked her if she had heard about the play or if it would be something she might be interested in.  To my surprise her response was, “I had no idea things like that were happening in the community! How can I check upcoming events?”  I luckily was able to point her in the right direction. Success!

If you would like to see a slideshow I put together for my topics I covered this week, Click HERE!


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