Sorting through the stash: a head start on post-holiday organization

7 Nov

by Jessica Dawkins

The meaning of the word declutter

The definition of declutter might be the cleanest thing about it.

Sorting through the stash

We’re coming into that time of year I like to call the “holidaze” (at least, when I’m being clever and can get away with it). This is the season when wish lists are handed out and Santa’s elves are hard at work. But whether or not you know what you want this season, knowing where to put it is a big part of the aftermath—and often the most stressful. In this post is gathered an overload of organization DIYs and also a video to show off my own cosmetic storage, both specifically aimed towards dorm room and small apartment living.

Where do I start?

If you thought you didn’t need anything for the holidaze, you weren’t thinking hard enough. A lot of people say they don’t want anything, but the truth is they either don’t know what to ask for or are too timid to ask. Being a lover of fashion and cosmetics, I know I have to put it all somewhere in the end, especially when I can’t bear to part with my favorite pieces during spring cleaning.

My organization board on

This is a screenshot of the hand organization board mentioned in the post.

Cue the Pinterest board. Pinterest is the ultimate search engine for DIYs and clever uses of ordinary things and organization is not an area lacking in imagination. From purse organization and traveling to everyday apartment and dorm living, there’s something for everyone when it comes to organization and a personal style to find during the process. I’ve put together a board specifically addressing these issues, one that is brief and shouldn’t take too much time away from “studying.” (You know how it is.)

But this all looks so complicated.

It isn’t. You can DIY and you can do it fabulously. You can repurpose and upcylcle what you already own and you will be successful. You can buy storage equipment at reasonable prices and it will work. Organization is the very key to lessening stress in everyday life, but it often comes with its own sets of struggles. It took me a while to find the kind of storage system that works for me (follow the link for a video). Now I can apply my makeup with ease and I know where everything is going to go when it’s done being used and where it will be the next time I need it. What to aim for: a place for everything and everything having a place.

Simple yet significant: the jars I repurposed for my vanity top are a part of my everyday life.

Simple yet significant: the jars I repurposed for my vanity top are a part of my everyday life.

I don’t have time to organize.

Then don’t organize—declutter! It may sound intimidating to start cleaning out the things you don’t need anymore, but it really feels amazing when you’re done. You may not even have to remove them completely, they may be in the wrong place at the wrong time (like the jars I use to organize my vanity counter). Just remember to take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re better off with or without it. Often times, this simple repetition can accomplish a lot.

So get your cosmetics in order and cleaned out, because my next post will conquer cost-metics and the DIY beautician. See you then!

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