Laramie Ice & Event Center

7 Nov

Who knows how to ice skate?

 When I lived in warmer climates (Phoenix, AZ, St. George, UT) I found people from warmer climates usually will not know how to ice skate. However, people from Laramie, Wyoming do!!! And, since 2001, there is an Ice & Event Center in Laramie just right for ice skating.

 Remembering years gone by          .Undine Park                                             LaBonte Park

I remember ice skating at the rink in Undine Park and on LaBonte Lake  (at LaBonte Park) as a child when I attended Nellie Isles School on Russell and 5th St here in Laramie. I had a pair of blue ice skates withgray fur around the top. I would make little fuzzy pom-poms to slip through the laces of the skates. Neither park has ice skating rinks anymore.


Laramie Ice & Event Center, when was it built?

Laramie now has an Ice & Event Center for skating. The Ice & Events Center was built in Laramie, WY, in 2000-01 by private investors. In 2003, using specific purpose tax monies, the city of Laramie purchased the Ice and Event Center.

What they’re adding to it.

In June 2014, Laramie started a more than $2 million dollar expansion at the Ice & Event Center and the Laramie Recreation Center. The recreation center added a sauna and steam rooms; a bigger circuit weight room on the ground floor with a larger group exercise and fitness room on the 2nd floor; a ;possible 12-14 foot indoor climbing wall and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility.

Schedule of hours and such.

October 1, 2014 to March 15, 2015 is the ice season this year. CLICK HERE  for a schedule of hours for the Ice and Event Center. Ice skating is fun enjoyment and exercise for the entire family!! I hope everyone gets a chance to go to the Ice & Event Center this season.


Kathy Ogburn, author

Kathy Ogburn, author


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