In Plain Sight: Gallery West and the Frame Plant

7 Nov

By: Amanda Bugbee

A variety of shops and stores are scattered about Historic Downtown Laramie. Clothing and electronics stores as well as restaurants and bars line the streets of downtown, but what is often overlooked is what is in plain sight. We walk by them every day as we make our way to our destination. These hidden little gems are our local art galleries.

Local and regional art

One of my own paintings that was framed at Gallery West and the Frame Plant

One of my own paintings that was framed at Gallery West and the Frame Plant

I want to focus particularly on Gallery West and the Frame Plant located on Ivinson St. this is a locally owned gallery that has been in business since 1993 according to This gallery features a variety of local and national artists in several different mediums. When you stop in you’ll have your pick of paintings, prints, original photographs and posters to choose from. Prices are also pretty reasonable as well. Prints start from around $50 and most photographs start form around $90 according to their website. If you are unable to visit, Gallery West’s website is the perfect place for you; you will be able to browse as well as purchase art work.

More than just a gallery: Framing done right

Gallery West and Frame Plant bears this name for a reason. They also provide custom framing at affordable prices. The framing is always of excellent and highly professional quality. Having had my own work framed here I can boast of their excellent work. You can have most anything framed here, from a painting to a concert poster. This video from Gallery West’s website shows just how much work goes into the perfect frame.

Working together

When I spoke with Shelley Fahnanstiel, owner of Gallery West, she informed me that the downtown art galleries tend to work together, seeing that not every gallery will suit everyone’s needs. The galleries will send customers to each other if they are unable to provide you with what you’re looking for. Shelley tells me that each gallery has their own “thing” and the community of art galleries in town has great respect for each other professionally. Another great gallery Shelley suggests checking out is the WOW Gallery located on 1st St.

What Sells?

I was curious what a gallery will look for when selecting pieces to sell. Shelley tells me that the most important thing is being honest with the artist. She will only display works that she feels confident will sell. If she doesn’t think the piece will sell in her gallery she will send the prospective artist elsewhere, where the piece may have a better chance of selling. The other galleries in town also follow this practice. The Gallery West features mostly regional art, which sells very well. Displaying regionally themed art is a common rule when it comes to selling art in most places according to Shelley.

I would strongly suggest checking out Gallery West and the Frame Plant for all of your art and framing needs.

Check out the slideshow of Gallery West here,



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