Cathedral accused of housing ghosts

7 Nov

The legend

St. Marks Episcopal Church has been situated at 1908 Central Avenue since 1886, when it became Cheyenne’s first Anglican church. It was not completed, however, till 1924 when the bell tower was finally completed.

As legend has it, during the original construction of the tower, two immigrant workers were hired for their impressive skills. One worker fell to his death, and, fearing blame and deportation, the other worker sealed the body into the wall of the tower. Once the construction restarted almost 40 years later, there were accounts of weird activity and the construction had to be stopped and restarted several more times. The workers even created a hidden room for the spirit, which seemed to appease the fallen worker.

Supposedly, whispering and hammering can be heard from within the church, especially the tower. There has also been allegations that a pipe organ, which was removed years ago, has been heard and the bell has rung when no one was inside.

For more on the ghostly history, see here.

My experience

I was blown away immediately when I walked into the church. It felt warm and inviting, very far from the stories I had heard.

I walked around and inside the building with my EMF reader, and it didn’t pick up anything. I didn’t hear anything unusual either, but I was not allowed in the tower where most of the stories came from. It is currently boarded off because the stairs are unstable.

The church is also no longer condoning the allegations. In the past, they had allowed haunted tours and advertised their church in this way. Now, they feel it is a bad image and refuse to acknowledge the allegations.

First person account

One Halloween, a psychic Lou Wright tried to stay the night in the tower. Ms. Wright said she immediately felt an unfriendly presence, saw unexplainable lights, and heard strange noises. She even said a strange substance oozed from the floors. She promptly fled the building after hearing from a strange voice, “Get out of here while you still have your mind!”

She later speculated that the spirit was not malicious, just angry that somebody was trespassing in his tower. Read more about her experience here.

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