Bead Nice or Leave

6 Nov

From trading to creating, beads can be quite the activity.

Through the Years

The history of beading goes way back, even as far as forty thousand years ago. Originally, small glass beads called “seed beads” were used for trading. These beads were an important and valuable asset back then, and they are still used today…just not for the same reasons. To learn more about the history of beads, the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre has a great article documenting the first uses of beads.

Today, beads are manufactured en masse and are quite the hobby! Many things can be made with beads, including the obvious ones like jewelry and the not-so-obvious ones such as dresses, keychains, or even miniature animal figurines. Most beads are used for creating jewelry. Who would have thought a simple thing like a bead would stick around for forty thousand years?

Beading at LCCC

This week, I sat down with a fellow LCCC student who I knew was involved in beading. Kelsie has an Etsy shop in the works, and has just recently gotten into beading. Her inspiration, she says, was “partly being a broke college student, and partly wanting to be productive without the stress that usually comes with productivity.” During our meeting, I asked her a


One of Kelsie’s bracelets

few questions in order to learn more about the popular hobby.

To start the interview, I asked Kelsie why she likes beading and why she decided to start. “I initially started beading to make

money on the side; however, as I continued to make different things and learn different techniques, I figured out that it is really something that I enjoyed doing, even if I didn’t get money in return.”

Since Kelsie has only been beading for a short time, I was wondering if it took a lot of practice to start seeing improvement. “Beading is not a hard hobby to start at all. Once you get some practice, you learn different techniques and it starts getting really fun. But no, I wouldn’t say you need a ton of practice.”

When asked if beading is an expensive hobby, Kelsie explained “It all depends where you shop to get your supplies. A good store here in town is Hobby Lobby, because they frequently have 50% off of beads and other supplies. Michael’s is also a good store with a huge selection, but, in my experience, it tends to be more expensive.”

Kelsie says she would “100% recommend beading. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it is also a rewarding hobby to have. If you enjoy working on something and being able to see the finished product right away, it is a good hobby to have. It’s also a great way to save money on jewelry!”

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