Today’s “Insane Assylums”

27 Oct

Wyoming and Mental Illnesses:

  • 20,000 or the 500,000 adults in Wyoming suffer from mental illnesses
  • 5,000 young adults and children suffer, and .2% takes their lives from untreated mental illnesses
  • 50% of children with mental illness drop out of school before graduating high school


Today’s “Insane Assylums”

Mark Holder, the director of the behavioral unit at the Ivinson Memorial Hospital speaks out about the behavioral unit in Laramie. “A lot of people look at the behavioral unit negatively. I want people to know that we have a lot to offer, and we are willing to help if people will just reach out. We offer psychiatric care around the clock with nurses and doctors that are qualified to work with people reaching out. We even have a 24 hour crisis hotline.” Call 307-742-0285 for the Ivenson Memorial Hospital Hotline.


Jasper Chen, a doctor at the behavioral unit at the Cheyenne Regional Hospital speaks out about the behavioral unit in Cheyenne. “We offer a lot more than people realize. We have programs for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Disorder, Chemical dependence, and Psychosis. We even have Electro convulsive therapy.”


A young woman came forward to describe her encounter with the Electro convulsive therapy at Cheyenne Regional Hospital, but asked to be anonymous. “The whole thing was painless and easy actually. I was horrified at first, but I felt like it was my last hope. I was always depressed and would not get out of bed. My therapist recommended it to me. For anyone that is also recommended ECT, do it! I am finally myself again. You do not feel a thing, before, during or after.”


Danni Fifield comes out and talks about her experience in the behavioral unit at the Ivinson Memorial Hospital. “I went there, and I was surprised. It didn’t smell like a hospital should smell like, it smelled more like candles, and the doctors were really nice and just wanted to help. The other patients were really nice too, they wanted to make you feel welcome.”

Danni Fifield

Danni Fifield


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