It’s all about the show

25 Oct


Transformation…Jay & Phil

What is transformation, some might think of transformers or some might think of going from high school to college. There is a large group of people that will be at the Phil Health Classic tomorrow in Cheyenne that would beg to differ. This amazing group of athlete’s sees transformation in their body and figure as they will be stepping on stage to have 5 different judges determine who has the overall best physique.

The show must go on…

Tomorrow is going to be a lot of ripped, tanned and muscular group of people at the Cheyenne Civic Center. Tomorrow’s show will be the 3rd bodybuilding show in Wyoming for over 10 years. Last year they started off with the Jay Cutler Classic and that was the only show they had last year in Wyoming. This year it was their second year of their 3 year contract at the Cheyenne Civic Center. This year it’s Phil Health’s first year for his show and Phil Health is a 4 time and current 2014 Mr. Olympia. The show will have multiple age groups for men and women in multiple classes. Women get to compete in four different categories with bikini, figure, physique and bodybuilding. Guys have two categories with physique and the main attraction of the show, bodybuilding.

How to get into a show…

I myself have been in two shows and I am now hooked on them but before my first show, it took me 6 years before I stepped on stage. Most people don’t know how to get into this type of show or what it takes to prepare you for a show. Your prep will be the types of lifts you do, your wokout plan, amount of cardio and meals. I asked my current coach Kelly Parks how he learned what it takes to get into a show and he said “Back in my day there wasn’t the internet and only option I had was to read books. I went to the bookstore and read more books like the encyclopedia book of bodybuilding by Arnold.” Now these days we have the internet to learn how to get involved into these shows.

Ways to learn more about these shows

My buddy & Phil Heath at the 1st Jay Cutler show in Cheyenne

My buddy & Phil Heath at the 1st Jay Cutler show in Cheyenne

– Attend a show in person. NPC News Online is a great site to find local shows

– Local gyms: Fitness One, Smart Sports or Gold’s Gym

– Nutrition stores: The Nutrition Company, Complete Nutrition or GNC

Phil Heath Show

Where – Cheyenne Civic Center

What Time – Pre-judge 11 am – Evening Show 6:00 pm

How much – Pre-judge $26 – Evening Show $45

Guest poser – Phil Health Himself


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