No Matter The Distance

24 Oct
By Taylor W. Snell


Officially engaged.

Can’t run from fate

Near the end of last year if I would have been told  that I was going to be engaged to a girl that lived in North Carolina, 1,700 miles away from me, I would have replied with “yea, right…”.
Destiny/miracles really do have an amazing way of working out sometimes.

Meet me?

Well coincidentally, a website called meetme is how I met my, now fiancée, Sierra. A friend had told me about this website and said it was interesting so I tried it for myself. To my surprise the website did not interest me, in fact it did the opposite and annoyed me. Yet right before I gave up on the website completely I ran into Sierra’s profile. Thus, on that day, December 3rd 2013, I sent her a message — And we have talked everyday since.

Taking flight

After only four short months I’m flying out to North Carolina to meet this girl, face to face finally. This was the best decision I ever made, because not only did the whole trip go great, this is when I found out I couldn’t be without her. I guess all of the tears we shared at the airport told her the same thing, because a few months later she packed her bags and flew out to Wyoming to live with me.

So, It was my turn to make the big move and ask her to marry me.

Here is how I did it.

Dreams really can come truth no matter the struggle.
I believe our story is proof of that, and is why I decided to share it.

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