LCCC’s Another Place exhibit

24 Oct

Kit Whites Exhibit

      IMG_1943 IMG_1942


Exhibit of what?

Kit White is a metaphorical landscape  artists of painting and is showing his talents at LCCC’s art exhibit in the Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery. Come see it! It is a very interesting way to look at art.

There is about 20 painting that Kit created all of which will make you wonder “How did he create this?”

This exhibit will last until November 20, so you have time to stop by and see this creative work!

Little bit about Kit

He is an artist as well as a writer and professor of painting. After his first one-person exhibit of paintings  in 1977 he has been the solo subject of 21 exhibits. Much of his art is hanging up in multiple museums such as Guggenhiem and many nations and international collections for all to see. Apart from his art work he is an author of “101 Things To Learns In Art School.” But that’s not all, he is a professor of painting in the Graduate MFA Program at Pratt Institute since 1997.

His Paintings

According to he has 58 paintings up until 2011. When looking at his artwork it looks very plain and not uncreative, but its just the opposite. With the abstract landscapes created in the paintings it makes the picture very intriguing and understandings how the name of the paintings flows nicely with the picture.

Click here for an audio summarized version.




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