Figure seen in school’s window

24 Oct

The Legend

The Deming Elementary School, located on715 W Fifth Street, isn’t as innocent as it seems, according to legends. Throughout the years I have heard countless rumors from friends, and friends of friends, who used to attend the elementary school. They tell of the old man who roams the building.

People have reported lights flickering from within the school at night, clanging noises, and the most surprising of all is the rumor that a man’s figure can be seen next your own reflection if you look into a window at night, according to

This entity is the apparition of a man who died in the furnace room. The building has been around since 1945, so it is not unlikely that a death has occurred on the premises.

First Person Account

Aaron Nowotny, a former student at Deming, said, “I swear I saw a ghost there once. It was a man’s figure in the window, and he was behind me, but when I turned around there was nothing there. I’ve believed in ghosts ever since.” When I asked Nowotny if it could have been childhood imagination, he insisted it was real.

He has no account of seeing flickering lights or hearing strange clanking noises, however.

My Investigation

My research into the supposed death that occurred there turned up nothing. I could find no records, obituaries, or newspaper articles on the subject.

Armed with my EMF reader and an open mind I ventured to the school at 10 p.m. to test the rumors anyway. The reader didn’t pick up any activity as I walked the perimeter of the school. I also did not see any flickering or hear any noises besides the gravel crunching under my feet.

My last test was to try and see the apparition for myself. I found a large enough window to capture my reflection; and I closed my eyes; and I waited; and there was nothing. Listen below for my reaction as it was happening.


My Conclusion

  • No EMF detected
  • Saw no flickering lights
  • Heard no clanking
  • No apparition appeared in the window
  • No evidence that the death occurred
  • Probably not haunted

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