Best Friends-The Next Generation

24 Oct

More Like Sisters

Everyone always has the one friend in high school. You know, the one you would laugh with until you cried (hoping you wouldn’t pee your pants), the one you would have lunch with everyday, the one you texted about the latest high school gossip, sleepovers on the weekends, sneaking out at night-typical high school behaviors. But with my best friend Megan, we were sneaking out almost every night, would go to lunch together, but not return to class, we turned our noses up at the gossip. we weren’t bad kids, we just enjoyed breaking the rules. We confided in each other about every little thing. We weren’t just best friends, we were sisters. I remember we always talked about how whenever we found “the one” we swore to be in each others weddings. We talked about the future, where we wanted to go in life. We would stay up all night, and just talk and talk and talk. I remember we always talked about how our children would be best friends one day, just like us. Little did we know, that day would come a lot sooner than expected.

High School Baby Bumps

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was 16 and something about me just felt…off. After weeks of putting it off, I managed to save enough of my tip money to buy a pregnancy test. Seriously, that was the longest four minutes of my entire life. Low and behold, that bastard came back with a big ol’ positive sign, knocking me straight off my feet. I bawled and bawled, hating myself for being so stupid. Naturally, Megan was one of the first people I told. I could go on and on about how hard everything was, but nine months later, I had a beautiful baby girl. Fast forward to a year later, I got a call from Megan, crying, saying she wanted me to look at something, asking if she could come over. Filled with worry, I waited on the couch looking out the window, waiting for her to show up. She pulled up, got out of the car, I met her at the driveway. She was hysterical, couldn’t catch her breath, couldn’t speak. “Whats wrong?!” She pulled out what I thought to be a marker at first, and handed it to me. “Is this right? What does it say?” I looked down to find a positive pregnancy test in my hand.

Welp, Lets Be Statistics Together

Oh god, we became those girls at school. Harlets, whores, sluts, they called us. Who cared really, we were happy. People preach, “don’t have a child to solve your problems”. Well you know what? Our girls gave us the push we needed in life. Before the babies, we were at the ends of our ropes with life. To this day, I know I would not be here today without my baby. Sure, we wanted our babies to grow up together, we just happened to gain that experience a little sooner. Obviously it was going to be a hard road being teen moms, but we knew we could do it. We started going to class every day, enrolled in the baby program at school, and the biggest accomplishment of all- we graduated on time with our class. We did it, we got everything we wanted. We had children a year apart in age, who played and laughed together, just like their mamas. It was a second generation of best friends, and we were damn proud of that.


Fast Forward

We have come so far since high school. I currently work a steady job, while going to school, and have a great man in my life. Megan has since gotten married to the father of her child, owns her house, works 2 steady jobs at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center as well as a plastic surgeons office. Most importantly (and excitedly) Megan is expecting a beautiful baby boy with her husband. We were the rebels in high school, always breaking the rules for a little bit of a rush. We fell into the teen mom statistic. You could say our reputations were a little tarnished. We were the girls moms told their daughters to stay away from. We were considered bad influences and looking back at it, yeah, we were. I’m not proud of my past and I know there is a ton of things we wished we could do over. But, we paved a new path for ourselves. We made the extra effort to put 100% into everything we did, for the sake of our children. We have come a long way. All the hardships, backlash from friends and family, the name calling, means nothing now. Our families are beautiful. Our children are beautiful. Life is beautiful.


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