You’re Invited

23 Oct

By Kylie Bovenzi

It’s that time of year again my fellow students. The leaves are changing and there’s a chill to the afternoon wind, allowing for only one thing: an intense craving for a delicious home-cooked meal, and music by P.D.Q Bach. Alas, while winter break still eludes us by a couple of months, luckily the Music Department of Laramie County Community College has got your back. Come one, come all to the

MADRIGAL DINNER: The Case of the Missing Hanky (Panky)

The What?

Stop asking questions. All you need to know is food. FREE FOOD. Okay, so it may be included in the price of your $20 ticket. HOWEVER,  tis truly a paltry fee to pay for the intrigue, laughter, music and drama promised on the night of November 14th, 2014. The Case of the Missing Hanky Panky is a sordid tale, complete with a scandalous queen (played by moi- you may call me Queen Bitch), an unfortunately dimwitted King, and a missing handkerchief. The hanky, given to the Queen by her King, is not only missing; but has been spotted in the hands of various other men. WHERE is the hanky? HOW did it get there? WHO will face the wrath of the King when it is all over? Luckily for the audience, all ye must do is show up, stuff thy face, and be thoroughly entertained by the dram-o-rama directly in front of you.

Want a short preview? Click here.

It feels as though this crown has always fit.

It feels as though this crown has always fit.

So What You’re Saying Is

This is an interactive event; you are not an LCCC student supporting the Collegiate Chorale. Rather, you are Knights and Ladies who have been invited to a wonderful medieval celebration by the larger-than-life King Kong. Dress up, grab your little ones, but most importantly grab your appetite. By the end of this singing, acting and dancing comedic spectacle, your soul will be as full as your stomach.

The Case of the Missing Hanky (Panky)

Friday, November 14th 2014 6pm

St Mark’s Episcopal Church

Tickets are $20 each

Reservations for tickets must be made by either calling the Theater Box Office @ 3074321626 OR

by email:


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