Weightlifting, Running and CrossFit……

11 Oct

There is a constant debate on which type of workout is better and which one is worse. There is always going to be this debate until the end of time. The good thing about these workouts is that everyone is staying active and trying to better their health on a daily basis to live longer. With doing all three of these different activities, the one thing they have in common and that is making it a lifestyle. Below is my friend Marcus and my first physique show and I got to meet 4 time Olympia Jay Cutler.

First Physique show

Weightlifting, Suns out, Guns out…

Weightlifting is more based on the taking weight and moving it in a direction that creates resistant to help build muscle and make the body stronger. This goes back to the late 1800’s and it has been creating more interest ever since. Weightlifting is the basis of exercising to help people excel in their field of sports or active lifestyle.

I have seen it make a difference in people’s life after a major injury. One of my friends Gina has been lifting weights her whole life and made it a lifestyle and over a year ago she had a knee injury so bad that she was told she is going to need a full knee replacement. This year as Gina is 51 years old and with a full knee replacement on Feb. 21st, she was able walk her son down the aisle for his wedding on March 29th. Gina said “At 3 weeks, I was doing physical therapy that is usually not done until after 6 weeks. When I went to the doctor after 2 weeks from surgery, the doctor’s partner said if your records and a fresh scar didn’t say you were only a couple of weeks out of surgery I’d guess you were about 3 months out.” After seeing Gina off pain pills and back at the gym in 2 weeks and seeing her drive, hard work and determination, she has inspired me and made me a firm believer that lifting weights makes the body happier. See he pictures in the slide show and my buddy’s transformation with him doing bodybuilding.

Weightlifting has become much more competitive as there is bodybuilding and power lifting shows. The bodybuilding shows have it for all ages and for both genders. They have just recently started putting bodybuilding shows in Cheyenne as they have the Jay Cutler Classic show in August and the upcoming Phil Heath show on Oct, 25th at the Civic Center and you can find more out on NPC website.

Running, I think I can, I think I can…

Cardiovascular has always been the best way to exercise the most important part of the muscle, the heart.

My uncle has been into running for years and he made it a lifestyle by running with his dog on a daily basis and that has helped strengthen his heart. As my uncle is 63 years old, he said “that if it wasn’t for his consistent running he would have had a couple of heart attacks by now,” as his father passed away at the age of 55 from a heart attack. It shows that running has one of the biggest advantages to it. One of my friends Becky has been running for about 10 years and competitive for 3 years and the reason she chooses running is “because I can do it anywhere, Indoor, outdoor, or any weather. The competitive races make it more challenging as I can meet my goals.”

Running has been an active sport in Cheyenne as they have a couple of runs a year to bring a large group of people together and they make it as relaxing or as competitive as you want it to be. In the competitive runs, you can run them by yourself, in groups or with your daughter like my friend Becky did as you can see in the slide show. There is roughly around 10 to 12 races in Cheyenne and a couple in Laramie and you can find more about these events at Active site.

 CrossFit, test your toughness…

Maybe you don’t prefer to focus towards a specific area and you would like to have a blend of overall strength and fitness.  CrossFit is going to give you the versatility of running, jumping, moving weight in an Olympic lift or even doing weightlifting at a faster pace and working on hitting your goal of speed and max weight. I have a friend Kristen that is really into CrossFit and I asked her why she enjoys CrossFit and she said “the workouts are always testing my strength, endurance and physical capability, they are always unpredictable. I crave the intensity and the trainer by my side pushing me when I don’t think I can do another pull up or squat clean and he/she knows better and gets me there. I love the variety of workouts and never knowing what we are walking into the next day.”

As Kristen has stated, it is a different workout everyday and you never know what you are going to get the next day and that is why people choose CrossFit. With it being so versatile with all the exercises, they work on all aspects of the workouts and that it what makes it so addicting. They have some competitions in Cheyenne and they are having one in Casper next weekend called the 307 Throwdown. To find out more of the competitions, visit the Crossfit website.

Click on the link to see the slide show that shows Kristen doing multiple different exercises, Becky doing a local run with her daughter, Garrett with his transformation and Gina with her knee surgery and great physique.


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