Wyoming, Suicide, Teens, and the Sad Truth

10 Oct
Part Time Therapist in Laramie Wyoming

Part Time Therapist in Laramie Wyoming

Wyoming and Teen Suicides:

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young adults and teens in Wyoming. According to Howard Allyn, a part time private therapist in Laramie Wyoming, they’re a few basic reasons for the high number. “1. The cowboy up attitude the state lives by. 2. Ignorance towards the subject.” According to Allyn, over 2.1 million dollars has been used to help with suicide prevention in Wyoming.


Prevention Groups:

  • Lynn Conrad’s group: for suicide survivors and suicide victim’s families, ect. Meet once a week at the Laramie County Library. Eli Mitchell, who lost a friend to suicide in 2006 has attended one of the meetings. “The group is a good group, and helpful, at least for someone that feels alone after one leaves so suddenly. The people in this group at least understand what it is like to see the person one day perfectly healthy, but than not being able to see them again. It is not like cancer, we never had the chance to say goodbye.” Mitchell says.
  • Grace for 2 Brothers: created by a mother that lost 2 sons to suicide. Lynn Conrad (the founder) discussed that she would like to get rid of the stigma regarding suicide in general. “I have done memorial walks that have recently brought out hundreds of supporters, and it can only get better now.”


Let’s Summarize:

Teens and young adults are at high risk for suicide in Wyoming for many reasons, but the 2 biggest reasons are the attitude of cowboy up, and ignorance. There has been many dollars contributed towards suicide prevention in Wyoming in the past 6 years, but it has done little to help. There are prevention groups in Wyoming, but they are often unheard of.


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