The ultimate sacrifice— Forever a teen mom

10 Oct
By Stephanie McGee

A lot of young women are put under a lot of pressure throughout their teenage years. This is because society seems to believe that being a teenage mother is a bad thing. Throughout my next blogs I would like to create a series and tell you some stories about  amazing mothers.

Although I am still a teenager myself, one of the greatest discoveries I have made is that there is not a perfect age to have a child and there is not a right or a wrong way. If you’re ready to have a baby I say go for it. If you give your children the love and attention they need and they have a full tummy, a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and you’re doing the best you can for them, then you are being a good parent.

These stories are too amazing and to inspiring to let them remain a secret. I want to tell everyone their secrets and I want you to know their story.

Haynes family

Happy to be a Haynes. Gunner, Brittany, Cayden and Riley Haynes. -Courtesy

How it all started

Brittany Haynes found out she was pregnant a week after she turned 16-years-old when her parents finally let them go on their very first real date. “My boyfriend Gunner and I did not care to use to protection,” said Brittany. “I didn’t really worry too much because I thought he would never leave my side.”

Brittany didn’t want to tell her parents because that can be a scary thing. Finally she couldn’t hide the belly anymore and decided to take her mom for a walk and tell the news. “She broke down and started to cry,” said Brittany.

Two days after her junior year in high school started she found out she was having a boy, Cayden Joe Haynes.

“I went to school with a big baby belly under my shirt instead of a volleyball uniform, I had to give up everything. I gave up my friends, my dreams, my future, all of it was gone,” said Brittany. “Until I had that little boy in my arms, suddenly I felt so complete.”

I had to give up everything. I gave up my friends, my dreams, my future, all of it was gone.”

Struggles direct to a new outlook

Brittany was happy with her new baby boy but she explained that was the beginning of her struggles.

Soon after, her boyfriend started cheating and wanting nothing do with their baby. “People judged me, called me names and they watched my every move waiting to see me to screw up,” she said. “I couldn’t take it so I pushed Cayden away so I could focus on my friends, my social life.”

Her and her boyfriend Gunner eventually worked things out and decided to give their little family one more try. They moved out on their own and soon after, both graduated from high school.

Gunner joined the military and they decided to get married. After he graduated basic training, three years after they had Cayden, they decided to try for a second baby. Riley Jason Haynes was born June 14, 2014.

Live to be a mom

“This time around my parenting had changed so much. I am four years older than I was with Cayden,” said Brittany. “Instead of dreading being a mom, I live for being a mom.”

Brittany said having her family and friends support throughout helped her to push through to finish school and become a better a mom. She says to always put your child first. Before any friend, any family member or any problem. “Your child should always come first because they are the innocent ones,” said Brittany. “They need the most from their mothers.”

Brittany’s last piece of advice for teen mothers was to finish high school. “Don’t give up,” she said. “Having a diploma will be the key to success in life.”

“Having a baby at 16 was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. If I could, I would have waited to have Cayden till I was out of high school. I will always and forever be a teen mom, even though I’m in my 20s now.”

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