Plains Hotel haunted by entities

10 Oct

Ghost stories

The Plains Hotel has been around for 103 years, and in that time quite a few entities have attached themselves to the building. According to legends, of course.

The first deaths occurred shortly after the hotel was established. A newlywed couple stayed in a second story room for their honeymoon. It was cut short, however, when she discovered him with a prostitute. The new wife, Rose, distraught with grief, shot the two in the prostitutes room on the fourth floor, went back to the honeymoon suit on the second floor and killed herself as well. Witnesses have seen all three haunting the halls, Rose on the second floor in a blue gown, her husband in his wedding attire all over the hotel, and the prostitute in a revealing red dress with white lace is seen along the second floor. Wailing, laughter and crying come from the old honeymoon suite, even when it is empty.

Two jumpers still haunt their rooms. The first is a mystery. It has been argued whether the person was pushed, or jumped. Little is really known, however. But occupants of room 444 have experienced moving furniture, a sudden smell of cigar smoke, self-powering appliances, and doors that seem to lock by themselves.  The second was 43-year-old Fern Blaylock. This former model was under the influence of Veronal, a common pharmaceutical drug at the time. She fell out of the window in room 530. Most believe it was suicide, but some theories suggest her ex-husband pushed her. The manager reports continuous 911 calls coming from her room 80 years after her death. Even when the phone was removed, the calls continued for several more days before stopping.

An eight year old boy fell to his death from the old elevator shaft. It has also been rumored that he may have instead been accidentally hit with a pipe in the basement and died that way. Either way, the blonde boy has been seen in the basement and playing in the lobby.

Other scattered tales exist here and there of a mysterious translucent cowboy, a ghost that moves sheets in the basement, a mysterious old woman sewing in the basement, maids items being rearranged on their carts near room 310, a sighing ghost in the second story female bathroom and humming that refuses to be ignored.

My experience

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After a wonderful meal at the restaurant inside the hotel, The Capitol Grille, the employees allowed me to venture into the basement. The dimly lit labyrinth of laundry facilities and assorted random objects smelled of mildew and dust. Despite the space being in use by the kitchen staff, laundry and maintenance the space was still cluttered with old broken doors, obsolete cash registers, Christmas decorations, building supplies and an assortment of dusty furniture. Pipes leaked and the walls seemed to be crumbling around me.

The basement has several long corridors and various pitch black rooms. Each seemed to have invisible eyes staring at me as I walked past. The ambiance of the place was enough to make anyone shudder.

That being said, I did not experience any real activity besides the feeling of being watched. No noises were out-of-place, and nothing was out of the ordinary in the basement as well as in the hotel itself. The kitchen crew stated that they had not experienced anything out of the ordinary before, but had heard stories from other employees about noises, sightings, and moved objects.

Hotel facts

  • Built in 1911
  • Western style
  • Named after “The Magic City of the Plains”
  • Built and designed by William Dubois
  • Renovated in 1930 and 2002
  • Visited by Richard Nixon, Harry Truman, Ronald Regan, and more

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