Friday Night Fun At UW! Don’t miss the Excitement!

10 Oct

By Olivia Hartshorn

Don't be sad on a Friday Night...

Don’t be sad on a Friday Night…

The Friday Struggle is REAL.

Looking for something fun to do on a Friday night?  Want to have a good laugh with your friends? Look no more, because tonight the University of Wyoming will be hosting Raneir Pollard!  Haven’t heard of him? Well keep on reading and find out about our guest!

Who is this Stand Up Guy?

Raneir Pollard is a hilarious new stand up comedian with a fantastic sense of humor.  After reading over his brief biography on his website I found some interesting facts about his shows.  He enjoys improv and “sketch comedy” and really loves to keep his audience really engaged and interested in his shows.  For those of you who who are like me and have no idea what sketch comedy is, it is made up of short comedy scenes that generally can last between one and ten minutes in length.  Fun right? That isn’t even the best part.  Raneir Pollard has several television debuts as well.  Heard of Tosh.O?  Well the man of the hour has appeared on this famous show before.  If there wasn’t enough reason to go see him, he has the Daniel Tosh stamp of approval!

Grab your best friends and head to the Union Ballroom for some good laughs!

Grab your best friends and head to the Union Ballroom for some good laughs!

Where, when, and How much?!


The Union Ballroom at the University of Wyoming Campus! See you there!


October 10, 2014

Doors open at 8:45 PM

Show begins promptly at 9PM-11PM

The Ultimate Question… How much?!

FREE! Yes you read that right! It is absolutely FREE!


Did you know?!

This event is one of the many events that the University of Wyoming hosts on campus.  The bonus is that the University doesn’t just limit its guests to strictly just students it is open to the community for almost all of their events.  UW prides itself on giving back to each and every student with fun shows like the one mentioned above.  Don’t think they left out the community. UW also loves to get the community involved as well!  So whether you are a UW student or just a fellow Laramie resident make sure you get your friends together and go see this show tonight!


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