An Artist’s Perspective: Ralston Crawford

10 Oct

Multiple Mediums!

 painting with a drawing

Painting with      Drawing

As I walked through the Ralston Crawford Exhibit, Ralston Crawford: Early Work,I was pleasantly surprised to see more than paintings. This exhibit features Crawford’s paintings, drawings, and even video taken by the artist! No matter what kind of art

you’re into this exhibit is for you, and I promise you will enjoy it! Crawford has countless paintings and drawings displayed in different painting styles, showing us the personal journey that Crawford experienced.

Silent Film Star

Crawford, while a painter, also conveyed and shared his vision through film, silent film. These silent short films are placed strategically throughout the exhibit, giving the viewer a chance to see all of Crawford’s sides. These films are extremely moving and are strong key pieces to the exhibit. These films feature a dam in New York as a main focal point. This dam is one of Crawford’s main focuses in most aspects of his work in this exhibit.

A Few of my Favorite Things

While his drawings were a big part of the exhibit his paintings provided the dramatic flair I enjoy most. I found my favorite

Ralston Crawford 1976

      Bora Bora II

piece of the exhibit to be an oil painting made in 1976, “Bora Bora II”. The strong lines, contrasting colors and simple shapes easily won me over.  Additionally, I found that his use of silent films brought a refreshing sense of calm and sereneness as I walked through his exhibit.  Each film adds its own unique character to this incredible exhibit. All of the different mediums are enough to inspire anyone to create, no matter what way they choose to harness their creativity. This collection will win over any of its viewers. With more information available here.

Let’s Summarize

Who? Ralston Crawford, artist

What? Ralston Crawford: Early Work exhibit

When? Now through November 15th, go soon!!

Where? University of Wyoming Art Museum

How Much? FREE!!


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