Wyoming, Adults, and Suicide

3 Oct
current student at LCCC for Phycology. Mentoring at Pendley and Associates.

current student at LCCC for Phycology. Mentoring at Pendley and Associates.

Suicides and Wyoming:

Taking a general look at the country as a hole, suicide among adults equals the 4th largest reason for death.

Now lets look at Wyoming. Suicide in Wyoming is the 3rd leading cause of death among adults.

Wyoming as a state is the 3rd highest in suicides, and 2nd highest in suicide attempts among adults.

2002-2003 and in 2006 Wyoming led the nation with highest suicides in adults.


Wyoming, Suicide, and the Big Issue:

The largest leading factor leading to suicide among adults is mental illness. According to Lisa Tuthil from Pendley and Associates Laramie, Wyoming, suicide is a taboo subject in general, but adult suicide is even more taboo. In today’s age suicide among teenagers and young adults is becoming more recognized, but adults are still left out in the blue so to speak. In Wyoming, there are many opportunities for teenagers/young adults to reach out for help, such as school/college consoling, consoling such as Peak Wellness (as explained earlier in my blog, has a payment curve), and various hotlines. “Suicide today is seen as either a act for attention, or a phase done by teens” states Tuthil. “In societies eyes, adults just do not have the time, causing suicide to seem like the only way out.” Wyoming in general receives about 100,000 dollars in aid to help prevent suicide among teens and young adults, however it does not go to adults aid. Jeff Fay from Pendly and Associates Laramie, Wyoming also imputed that society believes that consoling is for teenagers, but in reality therapists in general see more adults over the age of 26.


Let’s Take a Closer Look:

South East Wyoming has the second highest amount of adult suicides, with South West leading by very little.

Highest in Adult Suicides by County’s in South East Wyoming:

  • Nigobara County is 4th highest at 25 suicides per year.
  • Natrona County is the 5th highest at 23 suicides per year.
  • Carbon County is the 8th   highest at 21 people per year.
  • Plate County is the 11th highest at 18 suicides per year.
  • Laramie County is the 12th highest at 17 suicides per year.
  • Albany is the 16th highest at 16 suicides per year.
  • Goshen County is the 20th highest at 13 suicides per year.
  • Converse County is the 21th highest at 12 suicides per year.

Note: The highest in suicide rate by county is Fermont at 35 suicides per year.


Let’s Summarize:

Suicide amoung adults in Wyoming are common, but often ignored and not looked at. It is considered significantly more taboo than the topic of suicide in general. Aid for adults in times of suicidal thoughts are far from easy to find. Aid’s are generally put in place for teenagers and young adults, but often can apply to adults.

South East region of Wyoming is the second highest in adult suicide for the entire state, but it follows behind South West Wyoming Region at an alarmingly close pace.









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