Keep Calm, Carry On

3 Oct

Trials and Tribulations

Kayla Gregory (22) and her two children, Shayla 6 (top) and Brysen 9 months (bottom). Kayla is a single mother attending LCCC who survived a battle with cancer.

Kayla Gregory (22) and her two children, Shayla 6 (top) and Brysen 9 months (bottom). Kayla is a single mother attending LCCC, who survived a battle with cancer.

Boy oh boy, some days I swear I have it the worst. I start feeling sorry for myself; dreading waking up at seven a.m. every morning to take my daughter, Lily to school, taking a shower half asleep, force feeding myself breakfast, hauling all my school stuff to my car, sit through class all day, pick up Lily from school and take her to daycare, squeeze lunch in there somewhere, go back to class, pick up Lily from school, get home and do, you guessed it…school work. There are days where I just want to throw my hands up and scream at the sky, “I QUIT!” and stay in my bed for eternity. But, as soon as I realize this self-pity is getting me nowhere, I remember my former classmate, Kayla Gregory.


I was able to catch up with Kayla via Facebook this week. We both went to Cheyenne East High School and were enrolled in the parenting program. I was still pregnant when she had her little girl Shayla, now 6, but none the less, all of us girls in that class shared some kind of special bond. Some sort of weird hormonal, motherly thing, I don’t know. While being a teen parent was hard enough, Kayla was diagnosed with cancer when she was 17 (mind you her daughter was 2 at the time). She missed months of school and for a while there we thought we were going to lose her. She received strenuous treatment in Englewood, Colorado at the Swedish Medical Center. Doing what she could with the state of her health in mind, Kayla was able to obtain her GED. Kayla has since been cancer free for 4 years and also had her second child, Brysen.

Campus Life

Kayla is currently involved in 12 credit hours at Laramie County Community College while simultaneously working 40 hours at Lifecare Center of Cheyenne. Between balancing school, children and a full-time job, Kayla states, ” I have no idea what free time is anymore, I feel like I never see my kids, because on my days off, I’m in class.” To give you an idea of the day in the life of a single mother of two, who is working, and is enrolled in school, Kayla gave me the low down on her daily routine. “I get up at 6:30 shower then get Shay up get her showered and ready for school, then get the baby up and then drop the baby off at daycare, drop Shayla off at school, go to class, pick up both kids from daycare, take them home and try to do homework while they are sleeping.” Wow can you say overwhelming? 

Keep On Keeping On

I hope at least a few of you took something away from this post. I know I have kept this story close to my heart. When I feel like I have it so dang bad, I remember that there are more complicated situations out there and I should be thankful for my health and the health of my child. Not to brag or anything, (okay maybe a little) but the title “Mother” or “Father” are much more than just words. We adapt. We base our live’s off of our children’s, we no longer come first, Even in Kayla’s situation. She made sure her daughter was well taken care of while she received treatment.

Situations are hard, life is hard, parenting is hard. That’s a given. But, like Kayla says, “I go to school to better my children’s lives and show them not to give up when life gets hard.” Take life with a grain of salt, friends.


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