Where Are The Filmmakers? You Still Have Time!

26 Sep

The Fast Filmmaking Festival!

Fast Filmmaking Logo

Who? What? When? Where?

It is a chance for anyone with any type of camera to capture the historical places around Cheyenne! That means a small camera or a big camera and yes even a camera phone will do the job here!  Novice or professional it does not matter! What you have to do is go around Cheyenne and film the historical places of this wonderful town with a few rules! This started Sept. 19 and goes thru Oct. 3, so there is still time! You do have to enter in this competition which there is a fee of $10 or $20, here is more information.

The Challenge Begins! Reward?

Since it is a competition there are requirements of course that need to be completed, this is where the challenge is! The main requirement is that the movie has to be 7 minutes long, so watch out for that! Another requirement is that you have to use some specific props, the list of props and where/how to use them are here. Since there is a competition there must be a reward right? Well, the belt film will receive $500! Wow! That’s a good chunk of money! The best student film which is 20 years or younger will receive $200 so even the novice filmmakers could bring home a little cash in their pocket! Also, $50 will be rewarded to the film that has Best Screenplay, Best Music and Best Actor!

Looking through the lens, but which one?

This competition will be judged in two different categories of cameras. Those categories are Classic Films and Smart Phone Films. Keep in mind for both category’s you have to have a 7 minute show which include credits.

Classic Films:

For the classic films you they need to be returned to the event organisers by 6pm Oct. 3 no later! These films must abide by the rules that are located in “the brief.” You can hand off the movie at the Plains Hotel on Oct. 3 from 4pm to 6pm.

Smart Phone Films:

If you are using a smart phone for this historic film you need to upload the film to a YouTube channel so it can be reviewed! You can hand off the movie at the Plains Hotel on Oct. 3 from 4pm to 6pm.


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