‘The Maze Runner’ captivates audiences

26 Sep

maze runner poster

A Brief Overview (No Spoilers!)

The Maze Runner is a 2014 film by director Wes Ball. The Maze Runner is about a dystopian future where a handful of teen boys are trapped inside a maze. In the middle of this maze is their home, which they call the Glade. It may seem boring, but throw in some crazy maze monsters, called Grievers, and some angst and we have a pretty decent flick.

The story wastes no time and jumps right into the action. The protagonist, later known as Thomas, is immediately thrust into the Glade from an elevator shaft from underground. The opening scene leaves audiences just as confused and heart heavy as Thomas, who remembers nothing but his name. We find that this is the same with the other Glade residents.

Pretty soon after the initial shock of the first few scenes questions start to be answered and the world begins to make a little more sense as Thomas gets the tour and learns the rules. However, before long he breaks a few laws, makes some enemies, and is rewarded with becoming a Runner. During this time a girl arrives in the shaft with a mysterious note that changes everything. The story then unfolds as the teens battle Grievers, the maze, and even themselves in the ultimate plight to escape the treacherous maze.

 To the Book Lovers

This movie is based off of the first book in the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner. The second book is called the Scorch Trials and the third, the Death Cure. A prequel called the Kill Order also exists. The reading level for these is under college level, but a good read nonetheless.

I have read these titles in the past and am pleased to say the first movie did the book justice. Of course, this has to be taken with a grain of salt considering it is practically impossible to have a movie and a book be identical. They were close enough to not have me or others mumbling angrily under our breaths during the movie. A few details and some scenes were left out, and some new ones added. Nothing major, however. Overall, I’d say that if you were a fan of the books it is safe to watch the movie and vice versa.

 The Good and the Bad

So, I have to start by saying that this film came loaded with some cheesiness. It was difficult to take the movie seriously sometimes because it was just too clichéd. This was only at a few scenes, however, so it didn’t draw from the overall product too much. Some cheese is essential for a good movie, anyway.

This film had the perfect amount of suspense without leaving viewers too lost. The immediate questions were answered quickly, which was a relief. This left viewers in the same shoes as the Gladers and totally absorbed into the film. The bigger questions were saved till the end and even some new ones introduced to keep people waiting anxiously for a second movie without leaving them confused or mad.

The acting is decent. The main character Thomas is played by Dylan O’Brien. For any Teen Wolf fans, this is a good reason to see the movie by itself. The cast isn’t exactly star studded, but actors like Will Poulter (Gally) and Thomas Sangster (Newt) have been seen in some popular titles before like We’re the Millers and Game of Thrones respectively.

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