Which Gym is better?

26 Sep

Grab your protein shake, grab your pre workout and let’s get fit. Everyone that workouts has their own ritual that they do to get ready for their trip to the gym. There are so many gyms out there and how do you know which one is better?

Fitness One w/Miss Cheyenne

Fitness One w/Miss Cheyenne

Types of local gyms:

Phillip Bowling


Cost of gyms?

  • Daily fees – Most daily fees are around $10 a day
  • Monthly fees – The average is around $30 and you have to pay monthly to have 24 hour access
  • Yearly – Some gyms will give you a discount when you pay up front for a year
  • Enrollment fees – Gyms can have an enrollment fee to get your membership started


When it comes to which gym is the best, it’s more of what are you looking for? Is summertime coming around and it’s time to get those abs out in the sun or is it winter time and the famous bulking season is around the corner. Is it time to get in shape for a sports team or to be health conscious and live a healthier life. Some people feel that each gym is always better than another gym and the type of workout you get in the gym. People perceive each gym differently from Fitness One being the gym more focused on cardio and less on the weight lifting. While Gold’s Gym and Smart Sports is more of the meat heads and the die-hard bodybuilder that lift there and it intiminates new members. Crossfit gyms are seen as being too intense and designed for speed and strength. These are some of the most common perceptions of these gyms, when all of them can help each person based on what their goal is. While each gym is different, the main thing to remember is that it is each person’s personal preference on why to choose a gym. Feel free to look at the great article bodybuilding has on how to pick the right gym.






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