Old McDonald had a Farm….er’s Market!

26 Sep

By, Joseph Rhoades

Tired of the same old “fresh, and natural” products that you receive from Walmart or some other grocery store? Want to mix things up and actually receive a truly fresh piece of produce or meat item, and support your local community? Then you need to come visit a Farmer’s Market!

Many may ask, what is a Farmer’s Market?

This is actually quite simple and easy to answer, and yes farmers are involved in a farmer’s market.

2nd street

Farmer’s Market Stands on 2nd Street

However, they are not the only people who are involved. Many people from around the community, or area attend, participate in, or are a vendor for these events.

In simple terms it is a gathering of many different people selling different varieties of items, ranging anywhere from fruits and vegetables to meats and many craft items.  Many people may be skeptical at first but after attending one of these events they will continue to return and obtain awesome fresh items.

I personally attended the last farmer’s market today in Laramie, very skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised to find many items that I enjoyed.  There were many stands that had fresh fruits and vegetables, along with meats, both lamb and beef; which were grass fed.  My favorite today was a stand called J & J Gourmet Salsa which sold fresh salsa and homemade tortilla shells.  Another crowd favorite was Palisade Peaches. Both Delicious!

A taste of some vendors:

  • Heart Mothers
  • Palisade Peaches
  • J & J Gourmet Salsa
  • Cowgirl attitude Jewelry
  • Pope Farms Produce
  • Click here for more vendors

Where can


Fresh Veggies from Pope Farms Produce

these “farmers” be found?

These markets can be found in many different counties around the state of Wyoming, but locally these markets can be found in Laramie, and in Cheyenne.  Laramie’s market is located between 1st and 2nd street on Grand Avenue.  Cheyenne’s, depending on time of year is located at Frontier Mall west of Sears, or at 312 South Greeley Highway. The schedule for all farmer’s markets can be found here.

Market Availability

Unfortunately due to the growing season coming to a close, it also ends the markets, September 26th was Laramie’s last market of this season. However there are several in Cheyenne that a person is able to attend until October 6th.  After this date one will not be available until the beginning of November when the Winter Farmer’s Market is occurring.  Laramie’s market occurs every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. starting in July and ending in September.

Why should you attend?

J&J stand

Mykel Owens purchasing Tortillas and Salsa from J&J Gourmet Salsa

If anyone is interested in obtaining truly fresh grocery items, or craft items, then they need to attend one of these events, because they do not last long.  When they are done the only place to find fresh fruit is at a health food store, such as Big Hollow Food Coop.

All of the items that are available for purchase are made with natural ingredients, are homegrown, and do not get altered with chemicals or other additives.  Besides from it being healthy and good for you, it also supports your local community.  Instead of giving money to a large corporation you are helping members within your town.  A win, win for both of you!

So hurry before it is to late!


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