Mama School Drama

26 Sep

Welcome to Adulthood

Whew! The “teen mom” epidemic seemed to captivate the United States for a while there, am I right? From the thousands of stories of baby having babies, TV shows such as 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, it seemed like a subject no one could get away from. But, what about locally? What were the stats here? According to, in 2012, in the state of Wyoming, there were 622 teen pregnancies with 34.7 births per 1,000 teen girls. Oh, and I forgot to mention I was one of those people. I graduated in 2010, but fast-forward to 5 years later, where are fellow young parents now? Are they in school? What resources are there for parents trying to gain an education while trying to balance this fast-tracked adulthood?

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Parent or not, you know exactly how hard it is to complete school assignments while having a distraction. Parents need you to babysit? BOOM there goes your only one night out that you haven’t had in weeks. So what resources are readily available to parents trying to further their education? For starters, CLIMB Wyoming offers free training to low-income mothers on a fast tracked based program. If you qualify, the program is free and is aimed towards placing mothers in higher paying careers. But, what if you actually want to go to college? Since I have a dependent, the school offered me more on my FAFSA. After tuition and books are paid, I should go on a shopping spree and get the new iPhone right? Pffft. I wish. This is what I live off of. A part-time job and money from the reservation is definitely not keeping me afloat. I need gas in my car, food on my family’s plates, supplies for class among other expenses.

Broke as a Joke

Okay, okay, so yes a majority of people on campus around my age have a job if not two or more to support themselves, but what happens when you have others who depend on you? Young parent or not, raising children while going to school can be financially draining. Personally, my bank account is just about dried up. Although I don’t personally use The Discovery Center daycare on campus, (the list was full!) I was happy to hear they do accept DFS to help pay the cost of daycare costs. Seriously, what full-time student parents has six hundred dollars lying around to pitch at a daycare every month? I don’t even make that much a month! While I am eternally grateful DFS pays for about 95% of my childcare costs-this comes at its own price. I have to maintain a 2.5 GPA, or I lose my assistance. While there are many options/stories out there of student parents, like anything else you must work for everything you have or want to obtain. It’s hard sometimes, really hard. I hope to be able to interview some campus parents to get insight on their own personal trials, tribulations and stories. But, until then, I’m content with drinking chocolate milk in my footie pajamas, curled up in my Spongebob blanket, watching Cartoon Network. Adulthood is so overrated.


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