Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

26 Sep

By Kylie Bovenzi

Tale as Old as Time

It’s that time of year again folks. The days are getting shorter, the cold weather is creeping in, and soon enough you will be shuffling your kids around door to door, asking strangers for candy.  As the cold weather begins to hover, sheltered activities become a must. Start your winter off right and grab your kids, some costumes and perhaps a single rose to gear up for October 16th: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is coming to the Cheyenne Civic Center.

With it’s life-size costumes and larger-than-life musical numbers, Beauty and the Beast makes for the ultimate family night out. Young kids will be captivated learning the story of Belle, her father, Beast, and their friends for the first time, while parents may sit back and enjoy a spectacular retelling of a classic. For extra points in the parental category, dress your children up in character so that they may feel they are a part of a faraway land as well. Who needs Disney World when Disney comes to you?

Me as a 6ft. Plate in high school. Let me repeat. Six. Feet. Wide.

Me as a 6ft. Plate in high school. Let me repeat. Six. Feet. Wide. Did I mention we were also apparently showgirls?

When and Where

  • October 16th, Cheyenne Civic center
  • Tickets range from $42-$72, and may be purchased here.

Seating is assigned, so be sure to purchase tickets with everyone in your group.

If sugared up kids under the age of ten aren’t your thing…

You can Dance if you Want To

Several local live music events will also be happening between now and Beauty and the Beast.

  • Fort Collins Symphony
    • FCS will be opening their season on October 4th at 8pm, at the Lincoln Center. With selections from Debussy, Swindler, Hovhannes, and Dvorak, this night of music entitled “Nature’s Wonder” promises a moving look into the beauty of the world around us
    • Tickets

If classical is still not what you are looking for…

  • Eric Paslay
    • Eric Paslay will be performing at Gryphon Theatre on October 8th,  at 8pm. This country superstar has won the hearts of many a cowgirl, crooning songs like “Friday Night”, “Song About a Girl” and “Here Comes Love”. A guitar player since the age of 15, Eric Paslay is one country act that is too good to pass up.
    • Tickets

Finally, if you just absolutely cannot wait until October to shake your rump, there are multiple events happening this weekend, September 26th- 28th:

  • Paper Bird, You Me and Apollo, Mosey West
    • September 26th, 8pm
    • This trio of musical acts will be throwing down some harmonic, whimsical folk tunes at the beautiful Mishuwaka Amphitheater right outside of Fort Collins, CO. The Mishuwaka is an outdoor venue tucked into the Poudre Canyon, with the Poudre River serving as eye candy for the concert goer. It is a place of magic, where music and the smell of burgers, steaks and chicken being grilled up entice your nostrils and your mind. If you are free on Friday, the 26th, do not miss this!
    • Tickets
Dark Star Orchestra @ The Mishuwaka Ampitheater

Dark Star Orchestra @ The Mishuwaka Ampitheater

  • The Patti Fiasco
    • September 27, 6pm
    • The Patti Fiasco is coming to Cowboy Saloon and Dancehall in Laramie, WY. Fiasco is the brainchild of a group of friends, brought together by chance in a Laramie coffee shop. If you are into electric and eclectic live music, this party open to the public is not one to miss, especially at the cool price of $5. Come support your local music scene!
    • Tickets are available at the door

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