Car enthusiasts start out small to make it big

26 Sep
By Stephanie McGee


Love of cars sparked inspiration

Once upon a time, actually Nov. 23, 2013 to be exact, two young men decided to open a video production business.

The two 20-year-olds, Jake Ward and Hunter Schoene, started Groundzero Productions, a video and photography business dedicated to automotive interests, to bring filmmaking back into their lives.

They started off the business because making videos was always a hobby of Ward’s and he wanted to start making videos again. Schoene wanted to learn more about film making as well. “We had the talent just nothing to practice with,” said Schoene.

“The car scene has always been a passion of mine and I know it is also a passion of others, so that is why we chose cars.”   -Jake Ward

They also found out that YouTube has a demand for it. Once they had the product and found the demand, it carried itself away. “It got to the point where it was fun and was a paying gig,” said Ward. “People are enjoying our work and it just inspired us to keep pushing ourselves.”

Practice makes perfect

Ward and Schoene started with filming videos with a GoPro camera. Around December 2013 they bought their first DSLR, a Cannon T3. After they bought this camera is when they added the photography aspect. “When we first started out we used one of our arms as a slider to create that effect but we just recently bought a DSLR slider,” said Ward. To edit videos Ward and Schoene use Adobe Primer Pro and Adobe Photoshop to edit photos.

“Working with these programs and just keeping at it has helped me and my partner develop our skills,” said Ward. “But watching these other guys who create automotive videos as well has helped us push our boundaries.” Force_Fed_Productions is another video production business in Cheyenne and you could call them Groundzero Production’s friendly rival. Ward said, “we enjoy each others company and they are great people. I have learned a lot from their production.”



Waiting to be nationally known

Ward and Schoene’s future plans for Groundzero is to be nationally recognized. “We want to get our name out so people all over will watch our videos and see our photos,” said Schoene. “We are in this to put a smile on every car enthusiast face when they see our products.”

The Facebook page “Toyota Supra MK4 Club” as well as “Import Tuner Magazine” has recognized Groundzero Productions.

“We feature all makes and models. If you have a nice car we are willing to feature it.” -Jake Ward

You can contact Jake Ward or Hunter Schoene on their Facebook page to set up a photo shoot or feature video.

Groundzero Productions Facebook

Groundzero Productions YouTube


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