Artsy-ness in Laramie

26 Sep

Laramie is full of all kinds of interesting local artsy events and exhibits for everyone; you just have to know where to look!

Colorful Collections

Emilio Sanchez Luz y Colores Exhibit

Luz y Colores Exhibit

The of University of Wyoming Art Museum always has a variety of collections constantly coming and going from the museum. Currently there is a ton of traveling collections in the museum. “Luz y Colores: Emilio Sanchez’s Caribbean” will be in the museum until November 15th 2014. This is a collection of Emilio Sanchez’s (1921-1999) paintings of homes and buildings throughout the Caribbean. Sanchez’s work started with commissioned paintings of plantation homes all over the Caribbean, where he traveled during the winter months to escape the cold of New York. His paintings are not exact renderings of the homes he painted, but rather they are his own interpretations of the buildings. “Sanchez simplified the subject to its essential form in relationship to light and color, eliminating extraneous details, and achieved a natural abstraction through his selective vision.”(UW Art Museum.) Some parallels have been made between Sanchez and other North American artists. What makes Sanchez’s approach so unique is his Cuban heritage, and that approach to his art. This exhibit is a must see with its bright colors and exotic pieces. The UW Art Museum is FREE to the public.

Getting Contemporary

Ralston Crawford: Contemporaries” is also on display at the UW Art Museum currently. This exhibit runs until November 15th 2014. Crawford’s (1906-1978) art is most often categorized as Precisionist art in reference to the historical timeline of art. With the changing of times in 1945, Crawford’s work changed as well. This collection focuses on Crawford’s work after his break from the Precisionist style to a contemporary style.

Ralston Crawford 1976

Bora Bora II, Ralston Crawford 1976

Getting Involved

The UW Art Museum houses many great works for our viewing pleasure, but they also offer us a way to make our own art. “Learning from the Masters” is a way for everyone, of any age and skill, to create art. Programs are created to enhance our understanding of art and culture. These programs are created using the museums exhibits as focal points for the artist to draw inspiration from. The museum also has family classes on Saturdays.

Works of Wyoming

Works of Wyoming is a professional artist’s development center located in downtown Laramie. Works of Wyoming features art made with all sorts of mediums; paintings, knitwear, photography, and much, much more, all by local artists for sale at reasonable prices. Works of Wyoming would be a great a great place for any artists to look into to display and sell their own artwork. Works of Wyoming was voted “most unusual store in Laramie”! This location is a must see for anyone interested in art; art of any kind!

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