You want $5.5 Million dollars to do WHAT??!!??

25 Sep

BC-WY—    Just the facts, Ma’am…..

 The new Cirrus Sky Technology Park (CSTP) is finally under construction. It’s being built on North 22nd Street and Beaufort here in Laramie, WY.  The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board, in Jan 2013, said there are $5.5 million dollars of grant monies available for the construction of the CSTP. Approximately $1.4 million will go to pay for the 149 acres of land north of Laramie, while $4.1 million will be used mostly for the infrastructure.

The infrastructure would include buildings and 10 acres of green space. Gaye Stockman, CEO of the Laramie Economic Development Corporation, has said that CSTP, along with Western Power Authority, will have “multiple power sources” and “fiber optics capabilities.”  Stockman also says the tech ‘park will provide land ready for construction to technology-based research and development businesses.’

What do Laramie citizens think…

There are negative/positive comments in the “comments” section, (Cirrus Sky Technology Park), which seem to be indicative of how some citizens of Laramie feel about the new tech park.

  • Crack.Trash• 9 days ago boo. the people of beaufort and the north laramie area DO NOT want this crap. no thanks!!!!! WHY NOT BUILD A KING SUPERS or a REAL grocery store in WEST LARAMIE???? WHY NOT MAKE WAL-MART landscape so it doesn’t like like CRAP out there? priorities people. wtf???
  • Jimbo 14 days agoA master plan is usually created earlier in the process. Now that roads are being constructed, some infrastructure design completed and two tenants have been identified, the master planning will have some constraints. It can still be done, but given the work already taken to this point, the real question might be does the City need to pay $60k for a consultant to validate work already completed?
  • Ross Evans  18 days agoIt’s exciting to see this project get started. This is the kind of change that has brought, and will continue to bring, positivity to Laramie that is unique to us. This project and it’s potential can realistically only be viewed as a huge boon for our citizens, for UW and for the region. Wyoming has a reputation of lagging in technology and business development, and this project, and the vision of continuity brought forward by UW and the LEDC are great examples of how good change is for our state. Thanks also to Bobbe Fitzhugh and Community Builders! It’s great to see development dollars stay local!!

The feeling is that “community input” has been ignored from the start. According to Richard Rogers, a private Laramie resident I interviewed, feels that despite community input, the city council members will “do as they please.”  When asked who would benefit from the new tech park, Rogers stated, “the city of Laramie. This is a University town; we need the jobs the tech park will provide, as well as the new technology. This could be what is needed to help keep our young residents in Laramie.

                                                         The “build it and they will come”, attitude……

The LEDC (More to the Story of Laramie’s Proposed Business Park) has retained the University Of Wyoming as their first tenant; only, the University of Wyoming actually takes away from instead of adding to (the city’s base tax) because of the University’s tax exempt status. The Underwriter’s Laboratory, Inc., have made plans to move their business from the University to Cirrus Sky, upon completion of a building.

New light was shed on this subject after interviewing Mr. Rogers. Many feel the new tech park is a waste of tax payer’s money, but just as many feel the new tech park will bring Laramie into the new technology era.


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