Cowboys don’t longboard!?

25 Sep

Mason -  The Cowboy Longboarder

By Taylor W. Snell

Well in reality…

A lot of people in the “Cowboy State” do… As it appears to me long boarding is becoming more and more popular with this generation and being a long boarder myself I thought it might be interesting to share with one what I’ve learned about being a Wyoming long boarder.

The “bearings” to start

Firstly, one needs a good board before even thinking about hitting the streets. Talk locally, here in Cheyenne, there is really only one great stop for all your long boarding needs and that’s Zumiez. You can buy a pre-built board there but! I would highly recommend putting together your own, this way it not only looks great, but it’s built exactly the way you want it. If you go this route, for all you “newbies”, when I was putting together my first board a friend gave me these guidelines, and I’d like to share them here because I think they are a great starting point.

  • 40-44 inch deck, I definitely recommend Sector 9 decks
  • Bamboo board
  • Standard trucks, unless you’re willing to spend more, then double king-pin trucks
  • You want huge wheels! Standard size is 75mm but, 90mm would be great!
  • Bearings in general are great but, I recommend Bones
  • Shock pads are just nice to have, and pretty cheap

I estimate $150 to $200 for a really nice starting board.

My sweet spot

Awesome you got your board ready! Now all one needs are some locations to get those wheels really spinning! Keep this in mind, any hill is a good hill. At first start slow… Don’t go wreck your board just yet, try just going down your drive way a couple times then gradually start working your way up to bigger things. I would also recommend, at first, just wearing some longer pants to protect you legs. Because your board will throw you off, or run away from you.

Okay, so by this point one may be wondering where is this so called “sweet spot” well my friends let me share with you. It is the spot I most often ride, partially because I do live so close, but also because it is just an awesome riding spot.  The spot is located on the pathway going around the fountain/pond at Cheyenne’s very own The Pointe.
Click here for a glimpse of the “sweet spot”.

That is about all I got for this post so, enough reading — Get riding!


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