Beautiful Weather? Disc Golf, anyone?

25 Sep

But, it’s fall..

Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Though it is now fall, we have been having great weather lately as the Summer has its’ last Hoorah! Why not enjoy the final warm days before the cold sets in? How about some exercise with a little sport thrown in? Disc Golf! Here in Cheyenne, we have a few great Disc Golf courses.

Maybe, but where?

The two best courses for beginners are at Mylar Park, and Dry Creek. Right about now, most of you are probably saying “I don’t even know how to play this “Disc Golf” game of yours.” Well, here you go: All about Disc Golf. However, if you know how to play golf, then you’re probably good to go. Replace the balls with discs, or even a regular Frisbee if you don’t want to purchase a disc. However, if you do want to buy discs, here is a good set to start out with that you can buy at Sports Authority, here in Cheyenne.


Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Mylar Park’s course is best for a beginner. It is a 9 hole course. The course is great for exercise and it is quite beautiful around sunset. At many points during the course, you can see spectacular views of a sunset. Also, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a nice family of hawks flying around looking for dinner. The Dry Creek course has a lot more foliage. The course follows the course of the creek. I believe this course is more popular because of the foliage, and it is 18 holes. Either course, it is always a good time and anyone can get good at each course with some practice.

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